Mathematical Biology - Ecological models
Modeling with Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
High Frequency Pulse Propagation in Dielectric Materials
Education - Teacher training


Current research projects:
  • Aquatic viruses in nutrient recyling  
  • Translation initiation of protein synthesis 
  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems


I enjoy teaching a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate classes.  I am involved in creating and teaching a mathematical modeling  course sequence with special emphasis on biological models and computational simulations. I regularly teach classes for elementary education majors in Problem Solving and Discrete Probability.  I taught partial and ordinary differential equations at both graduate and undergraduate levels, and various analysis classes. I have been involved in the Analysis Master's Exam for several years.

UBM Program

 The Departments of Biological Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and the Great Lakes WATER Institute invite students to join a new program for interdisciplinary undergraduate research opportunities in Aquatic Biology and Mathematical Sciences, funded jointly by the National Science Foundation and the UWM Office of Undergraduate Research. The goal of the program is to provide undergraduate students with advanced interdisciplinary education in Biology and Mathematics with emphasis on collaborative learning through original research projects that are generally connected to aquatic ecosystems. Visit the UBM website: http://www.uwm.edu/~iglauko/UBM for more details. Recruitment is under way for our 2011-2012 cohort - if you are a student interested in biology and modeling, and want to be involved in research, please contact me or Istvan Lauko (iglauko@uwm.edu). 

Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations 

I am an associate editor of  EJQTDE, an electronic journal, dedicated to bringing you high quality papers on the qualitative theory of differential equations. All topics related to the qualitative theory (stability, periodicity, boundedness, etc.) of differential equations (ODE's, PDE's, integral equations, functional differential equations, etc.) and their applications will be considered for publication. Research articles are refereed under the same standards as those used by any printed journals covered by the Mathematical Reviews. Long papers and proceedings of conferences are accepted as monographs at the discretion of the editors. The EJQTDE is covered by the Mathematical Reviews and the Zentralblatt.

Interdisciplinary and Industrial Mathematics