Summer Bridge

Being a member of the Living Learning Community grants students with the unique opportunity of living in an environment with other freshmen in the same majors. Kick back, discuss classes, and collaborate with other similarly-minded students.

Live in a residence hall area dedicated for students in engineering and computer science.

Participate in a variety of programs:

  • Peer mentoring (see more information below)
  • Regular small-group study meetings (6-8 students per group)
  • Periodic seminars and field trips to explore engineering and computer science
  • Social activities to get to know your classmates and professors

How to Join

All new freshmen and entry-level transfer students are eligible. Space is limited, so act early! The first step is to apply for admission by December 1 and request on-campus housing. Next be sure to select Innovation House when you submit your LLC application along with your University Housing contract.

Interested and would like more information? Please email or call 414-229-4667.

Unique Opportunities

Joining the LLC gives students unique chances to get up close an personal with experts in their prospective fields. There are also plenty of chances to explore along the way.

The 2009-2010 LLC members had the opportunity to participate in a custom-designed program coordinated by the staff at Discovery World. The six-week program consisted of LLC members forming teams to collaborate and innovate. Each team had exclusive access to Discovery's labs where they created robots using Lego Mindstorms kits. Upon completion of the robots, members collectively authored a podcast detailing their experiences at Discovery World, as well as interviewing engineering professors at UWM.


Watch the Discovery World podcast produced by 2009-2010 LLC members.