Alphabetical List of Ring Theorists, G-L

January 2005 "alpha" version

This is part 1 of a list of (non-commutative, associative) ring theorists arranged alphabetically by an an anglicized version of the family name (last name) as it appears in the MathSciNet (Math Reviews) author database. This part contains names G-L. The list includes links to MathSciNet entries, links to individual Web pages, and e-mail addresses -- all links (when available) work by selecting the name/address. When I am unsure of an address, I include multiple possibilities. Please help me correct any mistakes, or omissions. (email adbell[AT]; see my notes)

You may wish to consult my notes about the lists. If you haven't used this list before, I particularly recommend you read the portion of the notes about names and searching.

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