Ring Theorists by Location: Countries N-Z, excluding USA

January 2005 "alpha" version

This is part 3 of a list of (non-commutative, associative) ring theorists arranged by country (countries N-Z, excluding the United States), and then by University or Institute, roughly in alphabetical order. The list includes links to Math departments or their equivalent, MathSciNet entries, links to individual Web pages, and e-mail addresses -- all links (when available) work by selecting the name/address. When I am unsure of an address, I include multiple possibilities. Please help me correct any mistakes, misplacements, or omissions. (email adbell[AT]uwm.edu; see my notes)

You may wish to consult my notes about the lists. If you haven't used this list before, I particularly recommend you read the portion of the notes about names and searching. Individuals are listed by an anglicized version of their family name (last name) as it appears in the MathSciNet (Math Reviews) author database.
A few individuals are listed at more than one institution, and the first occurrence below may not be the best one.

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Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland are all listed under United Kingdom.

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