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This page contains links to web pages for classes I have taught in the past. It doesn't include reading courses, independent study, and seminars. For those of you not familiar with Wisconsin, Spring = Winter below.

In recent years, I have mostly used D2L for notes and not web pages. I haven't updated this page recently.

During Fall 2008 and Spring 2009, I taught Math 731 & 732, with web pages here and here.

During Fall 2006 and Fall 2007, I taught Math 211, Survey of Calculus. I used D2L for online information, so there are no web pages. During Spring 2007, I taught Math 341. There was no web page.

During Spring 2006, I taught Math 275, a course on problem solving for elementary education majors. It had no web page.
During the Academic Year 2006-07, I taught Math 736, an introduction to ring theory, and ran a seminar. A web page for Math 736 and notes for both semester's lectures can be found here.

During the academic year 2004-2005, I was on sabbatical.

During Fall 2003, I taught Math 231, first semester calculus, and Math 535, linear algebra. During Spring 2004, I taught Math 232, Section 3, second semester calculus, and Math 531, an introduction to modern/abstract algebra.

During Fall 2002, I taught Math 232, second semester calculus and Math 537, number theory. During Spring 2003, I taught Math 234, linear algebra & differential equations ("fourth semester calculus") and Math 531, modern algebra.

During Fall 2001, I taught Math 241 (now Math 341) and Math 631, a graduate/undergraduate course in Modern Algebra. During Spring 2002, I taught Math 341 (formerly Math 241), a seminar style course introducing students to the language and practice of modern mathematics, with an emphasis on proofs and oral presentations, and Math 632, a continuation of Math 631.

During Fall 2000, I taught Math 241 and Math 731, graduate modern algebra. During the Spring Semester, 2001, I taught Math 241 and Math 732, a continuation of Math 731.

During Fall 1999, I taught Math 631 and Math 241. During Spring 2000, I taught the continuation Math 632 of Math 631 and Math 241.

During Fall, 1998, I taught Math 841, a special topics course on computational algebra, and Math 231. I also taught Math 631. During Spring, 1999, I continued Math 841.

My first Ph.D. student, Irmgard Redman, graduated during Fall, 1996. My second Ph.D. student, Ken Price, graduated during Fall, 1997. A current student, Anthony Van Groningen, finished a Master's Degree with a Master's Projrect during Summer, 2000. I am currently working with Ph.D. students Anthony Van Groningen and Miroslaw Pryszczepko.

If you'd like to see two course Web pages I used even further in the past (they're very dull, I must say), here are the pages for my Math 231 calculus course in 1996 and my Math 211 class in 1997.

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