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Allen D. Bell
Associate Professor & Assistant Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences
College of Letters & Science
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (a.k.a. UWM)

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Below is a guide to my web site. Most of the site is very, very out of date.

* Contact Information
* My teaching
I am currently teaching Math 522 (Advanced Calculus). Its D2L page is here. Last semester I taught Math 521 (Advanced Calculus!); its D2L page is here. These pages require users to log in and are only available to students enrolled in the class.
I am currently working with the following graduate student(s): Jason Gaddis and Mirek Pryszczepko.
* My research
     * My publications
     * List of ring theorists: this has been (temporarily or permanently) taken offline because it has not been updated for too long.
     * The UWM Algebra Group
* Professional or job-related items very out of date
* UWM-related items
* Personal Items
     * Some pictures (very old)
     * Some links (hopelessly out of date)
* The UWM Math Home Page list of resources
* Search the Worldwide Web
* About my Web pages: caveats & comments


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