Structure and Maintenance of Allen Bell's Web Pages

This page describes the structure and maintenance of Allen Bell's Web Pages. It is designed to help him maintain these pages, but anybody who is interested is welcome to read it.

Hierarchy of Pages

The hierarchical structure of my pages is not too complicated. It is given below, with indentation indicating dependency (in parentheses the actual filenames). In addition to the hierarchy below, there are a few other links within my own pages.

A. D. Bell's Home Page

Links and Files

Each page ends with links to my Home Page, the UWM Math Home Page, and the UWM Home Page, and my email address for feedback. My Home Page has links to the UWM Math Home Page and UWM Home Page at the start. The Home Page, Teaching Page, and Research Page have links to those of my graduate students with Home Pages (currently Ken Price, address /~price/index.html

This is (almost) the situation at present, but construction is ongoing.

Every page requires some images (at least for the bottom): these are stored in the subdirectory Images. You can view the images I have stored.

Maintenance and Construction of Pages

Information on Maintenance and Construction Projects should go here.

Tentative List of Construction Projects

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