Adolph Rosenblatt

Emeritus Professor

Visual Art Department Faculty Member, 1966-1999


Adolph with My Balcony

Adolph Rosenblatt in front of My Balcony sculpture
Photograph by Alan Magayne-Roshak, Photographic Services

Welcome to a survey of the art and people in the life of Adolph Rosenblatt.

UWM Report Article on Adolph's retirement.

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Photos of Sandburg Hall sculpture, celebrating UWM students.

The Many Faces of Sharon.

On Display on Campus
Suzanne and Rose

Suzanne and Rose, detail from My Balcony sculpture, Regent's Board Room, Chapman Hall.

Leon and the Sunflowers photo

Leon and the Sunflowers, Chancellor's Office, Chapman Hall through July 2004.

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