Darwin Day 2009

Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809. His observations in Natural History and his evolutionary theory (new species emerge via descent with modification from populations of common ancestors through the actions of natural selection) transformed biology and related sciences like no other idea. Although he was neither the first one nor the only one to espouse evolutionary ideas, his painstaking attention to detail in careful studies of biological variation and the processes of change earned him an enduring place in the history of scientific research.

In recognition of his enormous impact, people around the world commemorate his life and work with an annual celebration on his birthday, and many plan special celebrations and events during the week. Here is a list of Darwin Day events and some links to Darwin Day web sites.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Special presentation by Professor Sara Hoot on Darwin's botanical work.

   Everyone remembers Darwin's big theoretical works, but most people are unaware of his major contributions as a naturalist — making detailed observations of plants, animals, and ecosystems. These not only supported his theoretical work, but were major scientific contributions in their own right.

4:00 PM Lapham Hall, N103.

Reception begins at 3:45 PM.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Proponents of "intelligent design" claim that they have a significant scientific idea that the scientific community is preventing from getting a fair hearing. So, we will screen the "intelligent design" film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. We will show the 90-minute film in its entirety with one intermission. After the film, please join us for commentary, conversation, and your questions and answers.

Our Panel

Dr Chris Young, Alverno College

Dr Mark Peterson, UW–Washington County

Dr James Courtright, Marquette University

Moderator: Dr Andrew Petto, UW–Milwaukee

The screening begins at 2:00 PM in Lapham Hall, 260.

Reception to follow.

(We gratefully acknowledge the assistance and cooperation of members of SWiFT in promoting and supporting UWM's Darwin Day events.)

Please visit the websites below to read about their plans to celebrate Darwin Day.

Madison: All day program on Saturday, February 7, 2009, with a variety of talks, activities, events, and social activities.

Here, There, and Everywhere: The web site of Darwin Day Celebration with links to commemorations around the world.

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