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Scientists Confront Intelligent Design and Creationism

Edited by Andrew J. Petto & Laurie R. Godfrey

©2007, W.W. Norton, 500 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10110 USA

Available Now. ISBN 0-393-05090-4

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There is now a file of emendations to the first printing, some minor and some not. These apply only to the hardcover edition and were corrected before printing the paperback edition in early 2008.  Check the list of corrections here.

To hear a pod cast of  the preface to the 2007 edition click "Why We Did It Again"

Andrew Petto discussed the book with WUWM's Mitch Teich on March 26, 2007. Hear it here: Lake Effect

Dave Simon had some questions about the book that he emailed. Here are Andrew Petto's responses to Dave.

Andrew Petto discussed the book with James Hughes on January 19th. Hear the interview in MP3 format here.

Comment on the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies web site here.

The paperback edition was released in January 2008. The title has been modified, but the contents are the same.

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