Getting access to & getting help for a course that uses Desire2Learn (D2L) for its Web site


Materials for this course are available on a Desire2Learn (D2L) course Web site. You may see these materials there anytime you wish, using a standard Web browser. If you have a PC-compatible computer, it is preferable to use Internet Explorer 6 as your browser for D2L. If you have a Mac, it is preferable to use Mac OS X and Netscape 7.1. You should also make sure that your browser has “Java-scripts” enabled for Java version 1.3 or higher. (If you have any questions about these preferences, contact Help as described at the bottom of the page.)


In order to find and browse the course Web site:


1.        Call up your Web browser and go to the UWM home page:


2.        From the UWM home page, click on the “E-learning, D2L, Bb” link near the top right of the screen.


3.        On the next screen, click on the Desire2Learn logo.


4.        This will bring up the Desire2Learn welcome screen. You will see a location to enter your Username and Password.


5.        Your Username is your ePanther username (the same username as your ePanther campus email), without the “” part. Do not hit Enter after you have typed in your username! Either hit the Tab key on your keyboard, or use the mouse to click in the box next to Password.


6.        Your Password is your ePanther password. After you have typed in your ePanther password, then please hit Login.


7.        You should then see a My Home screen. You will see on the screen a list of My Milwaukee Courses. There is a  +  next to the phrase Spring_04; click on the  +  sign. You will then see a  +  next to the name of any department in which you are enrolled in a course that uses D2L, for example,  +  BUS-Business Management or  +  L&S-Biological Sciences. Click on that  +  too. Finally, you will see a course title underlined in blue. That is a hot link: click on it and you will enter your course Home Page.


8.        Once you are on the My Home screen, you will see links on the left side of your screen that allow you to change your ePanther password or forward your ePanther email to your preferred private email address.


9.        If you have any difficulty getting on the course Web site, please close down your Web browser completely and open it up again, then try logging on again using the instructions above. If you do not know your ePanther username or password, please get help as indicated below.


10.     When you are finished looking around the course Web site, always click on Logout if you are in a computer lab, or at least shut down your Web browser. Otherwise, the next person who uses the machine will be using your course account!



What to do if you have problems with Desire2Learn (D2L)


If you have problems with your login (e.g., you forgot your password, or if you just can’t get on) or if you run into any other typical Desire2Learn difficulties, help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may do one of the following:


·         Send an email to


·         Pick up a phone and call 414.229.4040 if you are in Metro Milwaukee (or just 4040 on a UWM campus phone)


·         Go to Bolton 225 (this lab is not open all day or on weekends – check for specific hours)


·         Go to EMS E173A (this is a 24/7 lab)


·         If you are calling from off campus but within Wisconsin or within the USA, call 1.877.381.3459.


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