Douglas Stuart Cherkauer

Department of Geosciences

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

July, 1998


B.A. 1967 State Univ. of New York at Binghamton, Geology

M.S. 1969 University of Arizona, Tucson, Geology

Ph.D. 1972 Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, Water Resources (a program jointly sponsored by the Departments of Geological-Geophysical Sciences and Civil-Geological Engineering)



Member, American Geophysical Union

Member, American Water Resources Association

Member, Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers

Fellow, Geological Society of America



M.S. - Longitudinal Profiles of Ephemeral Streams in Southeastern Arizona, University of Arizona, 1969.

Ph.D. - The History and Mechanics of Recent Valley Alluviation, Treia River Valley, Italy, Princeton University, 1972.



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U.S. Dept. Commerce, Sea Grant Program: 1979-84 Geophysical Assessment of the Hydraulic Connection Between Lake Michigan and Ground Water Aquifers on its Western Boundary with R. Taylor and M. Anderson.

U.S. Dept. Commerce, Sea Grant Program: 1984-89, Measurement of the Interaction Between Lake Michigan and the Ground Water of Wisconsin, with R. Taylor and M. Anderson.

Wisc. Dept. Natural Resources: 1985-87, Project to Enhance the Efficiency of Ground Water Monitoring for Nitrates in Wisconsin.

U.S.E.P.A.: 1986-87, Hydrogeophysical measurement of the flux of ground water into the connecting channels between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, with R. Taylor.

U.S. Department of Interior: 1986-87, Hydrogeological investigation of sedimentation in Beaver Lake, Waukesha Co., WI., with B. Brown and D. Edgington.

Wisc. Dept. of Natural Resources: 1987-89, development of chemical transport model for Door Co., WI.

U.S.E.P.A.: 1988-1991, Development and deployment of a hydrogeophysical system for determination of ground water flux to lakes, harbors and rivers, with R. Taylor.

U.S. Dept. of Interior: 1989-1991, Mass balances in a deep, hard-water seepage lake, (Elkhart Lake), with B. Brown and D. Edgington.

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 1989-1992: Hydrostratigraphical model for the interaction of ground water with Lake Michigan.

Wisconsin Ground Water Research Advisory Council 1990-91: In situ removal of Fe, Mn and Ra from ground water.

Wisconsin Ground Water Research Advisory Council 1992-94: Assessment of the impacts of deep sewer tunnels on surface water bodies in Milwaukee County.

Wisconsin Ground Water Research Advisory Council 1994-96: Development of a hydrostratigraphic model for Paleozoic aquifer in eastern Dane Co., WI.

Wisconsin Ground Water Research Advisory Council 1997-1999: Determination of ground-water recharge in Washington County, WI.



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and JRB Associates of McLean, Virgina - Ground water contamination at Outboard Marine Corporation, Waukegon, IL.

Assessment of hydrogeology of Chiwaukee Prairie for Wisconsin Dept. of Justice, Public Intervenor. Contamination from coal ash.

Assessment of validity of hydrogeologic work done for Exxon Minerals Corps for the Crandon mine site, Crandon, Wisconsin. Work done for Wisconsin Dept. of Justice, Public Intervenor.

Examination of hydrogeology at the proposed Kennecott Mine site, Ladysmith, Wisconsin, Dept. of Justice, Public Intervenor.

Evaluation of hydrogeology and ground water contamination at Antioch, Illinois, landfill. Work done for Village of Antioch.

Evaluation of the role of subsurface water in causing mass movement in Honolulu. Work done for Allstate Insurance.

Development of digital model to simulate irrigation well alternatives next to closed landfills in New Berlin, WI. Work done for Northern Environmental, Inc.

Examination of hydrogeology and potential impacts of proposed CMC mine at Crandon, WI, on ground water, lakes, streams wetlands and water quality. Work done for Wisconsin Dept. of Justice, Public Intervenor.

Evaluation of the potential impacts of the proposed Crandon Mine on the Mole Lake Reservation. Work done for the Sokaogon Chippewa Nation.