All Movie Guide                       

Searchable fields include; movie title, person, keyword, plotline, genres, country, year.  Also included is a film glossary, statistics page and organization description page.  The All Movie Guide also links to individual popular movies and to the All-Music Guide.  Corresponds to the CD-ROM product, Corel's All-Movie Guide.


The Internet Movie Database

The IMDb is most extensive and reliable film database available on the Internet. Searchable fields include; Movie/TV title, Cast/Crew/Character Name, Word/Quote. Advanced search features; multiple movie titles, variation on field- year, genre, country, production company, location. Daily changing content – box office receipts, live audio news, this year in film, etc. . . as of June 1998, 150,000 titles!


Motion Picture Database

The Motion Picture Database is an online database consisting of two important film references; The Motion Picture Guide, Cinebooks' 23-volume reference landmark, and Ephraim Katz's comprehensive Film Encyclopedia. This search database includes the cast, credits and reviews for more than 30,000 movies released in the U.S., plus filmographies and biographical information on thousands of actors, directors and other filmmakers.





Bibliographical Aid for Film Research

Very extensive film research bibliography divided into three parts. Part 1 includes bibliographies and catalogs, Part 2 includes dictionaries, encyclopedias and guides, Part 3 includes film and literature. What is unique about the Bibliographical Aid for Film Research is how many indexes of noted resources are actually available online.   Katholieke Universiteit Brabant.


The Cinema Connection

The Cinema Connection is an impressive Web index of film related sites.   Over 5386 records and growing. Academic to popular, this page contains many obscure or previously unindexed web sites. Also includes searchable site field.


Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies Site (ECAV)

ECAV stands for: Etudes Cinématographiques et Audiovisuelles (Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies). The aim of this Web site is to cultivate the Internet as a tool for the exchanges and the presentation of works, persons and institutions of the national and international community of research. The ECAV offers access to discussions, persons, works and references, available on the Internet. Link to L’art du cinema journal, full text and index available online in French.


The English Server

The English Server has published writings and artwork to online readers since 1990. Twenty thousand works are now available, primarily covering Humanities interests. Indexed by subject and searchable by field, including popular search engines.   Carnegie Mellon University.


The Film 100

The Film 100 is a collection of the one hundred most influential people in the history of motion pictures, an essential site for film studies and history.


The Greatest Films

The Greatest Films is a unique and very ambitious Web site containing plot summaries and commentary for some of the most important American films ever made. Extensive Links –briefly- (100 greatest, film quotes quiz, all films index, genres, greatest scenes, film posters, box office 100, references, academy awards, site awards).


Illuminations: The Critical Theory Web Site

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Web Site is a WWW research resource for those interested in the Critical Theory project. Firmly based in Frankfurt School thought, this site maintains a collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many contemporary writers of and about Critical Theory. Additional submissions from graduate students and others are also available, as are links to other web sites and related sources.  University of Texas Austin/Arlington.


The Media and Communication Studies Site

The MCS site, contains volumes of scholarly hyperlinks including; Textual Analysis, Active Interpretation, Media influence, Gender, Ethnicity, Visual Image, News Media, Advertising, TV & Radio, Film Studies, Pop Music, Reference, UK Courses, A-Z index.  University of Wales, Aberystwuth.


Media Resources Center

The Media Resources Center Web site at the Library at University of California Berkeley is nicely indexed for easy browsing. Hyperlinks include; a complete catalog of current media acquisitions, online media resources, news, selected bibliographies & full text articles, film and video distributors.


Screen Site

Screen Site, maintained by the College of Communication at the University of Alabama, contains extensive educational resources available on the Internet. Table of contents includes; Education, Research, Film/TV production, Chat, Screen-L a scholarly LISTSERV and a site specific search field.


The Study of Film as Internet Application

Another ambitious project, I must admit my own research was inspired by this student’s work. SOFIA is a conglomeration of basic film studies, theory, and resources all linked in a hypertext document.  University of North London.


Women In Cinema: A Reference Guide

Women in Cinema: A Reference Guide is basically a hyperlinked pathfinder covering topics such as Feminism, the Women’s Movement and Woman’s issues. Predominantly about cinema history, hyperlinks include; Bibliographies and Guides, Anthologies and Collections, Biographical Sources, Reviews and Filmographies, Subject Collections and Electronic Sources.





The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Web site is an excellent resource for history and current happenings of this influential and important organization. Links to the Center for Motion Picture Study, press releases, events and of course a searchable data base of the historical record of Oscar nominees and winners.


American Film Institute Online

AFI is the nation’s preeminent arts organization dedicated to advancing and preserving the art of the moving image since 1967. The AFI is America’s voice for film, television,video and the digital arts with innovative programs in education, training, exhibition, preservation and new technology. A well designed site, fully integrated frames, graphics and animations, very easy to get around this deep Web page. Contents –briefly- (AFI News & Events, link to Cinemedia "extensive film & media data base", Education, Preservation, Awards, History of Organization, etc.) Invaluable film studies resource.


Association Francaise de Recherche sur I’Hisoite du Cinema

The Association Française de Recherche sur l'histoire du Cinéma is a non-profit organization whose membership includes french film historians and foreign scholars. It was created in 1954, by Jean Gili, Jean-Pierre Jeancolas and Vincent Pinel.   Featuring links to the Journal  AFRAHC: 1895, cinema history on the Internet and information on the organization.


Berkeley Art Museum + Pacific Film Archive

Berkeley Art Museum + Pacific Film Archive has a very effective search engine displaying the institutes collection. The online Multimedia Collection Guide, PFA Filmnotes Online and CineFiles are all highly accessible databases with advanced searching features such as Boolean operators and limiting by date.


Black Film Center/Archive

The BFC/A is a repository of films and related materials by and about African Americans. Links include; Who We Are, Sponsors, About the Archive, Holdings and Facilities, Exhibitions and Events, Publications, Selected List of Directors, Web Reviews and a site specific search field.  Indiana University Bloomington.


The British Film Institute

The British Film Institute is the UK national agency with responsibility for encouraging the arts of film and television and conserving them in the national interest. Links are extensive; National Film Theatre, Museum of the Moving Image, Information and Education, National Film and Television Archive, Films, Production, Research, National Library, Latest News, Publications, Sponsorship and Festivals. Also a link to the most current issue of Sight and Sound.  Published since 1969 this periodical is one of the most widely read academic film journals in the world.


The Museum of Modern Art

Founded in 1935 as the Film Library, the Museum of Modern Art/Film & Video department’s collection now includes more than 14,000 films and four million stills. Among the holdings are original negatives of the Biograph and Edison companies and the worlds largest collection of D.W. Griffith Films. The department’s video collection, begun in 1970, includes some 800 works dating from the 1960’s to the present, ranging from educational pieces and broadcast documentaries to works by the artists whose primary medium is video.


National Film Preservation Board

The National Film Preservation Board (NFPB), authorized and established by the National Film Preservation Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-285; 2 U.S.C. 179), serves as a public advisory group to the Librarian of Congress. As its primary mission, the Board works to ensure the survival, conservation and increased public availability of America's film heritage, including: advising the Librarian on the annual selection of films to the National Film Registry, and counseling the Librarian on development and implementation of the national film preservation plan. Links to the National Film Preservation Foundation and resources at the Motion Picture and Television Reading Room at the Library of Congress.


UCLA Film and Television Archive

Containing over 220,000 films and television programs, and 27 million feet of newsreel footage the UCLA Film & Television Archive is the largest university-held moving-image archive in the world. Collection searchable through MELVYL, soon available on the web through ORION2. Link to Journal of Film Preservation produced by the International Federation of Film Archives, featuring full text articles available online.





24 Frames Per Second: Projections on Film

This journal provides a forum for uniquely personal reactions to films and filmmakers. A broad range of formats has been established for the participation and interaction of its readers. Whether submitting a list of favorite films, an essay on filmmaking, or an experiment in digital cinema, 24framespersecond is offered as an alternative to all-encompassing movie web sites.


American Cinematographer

American Cinematographer published by the American Society of Cinematographers, includes an online archive of past articles and selected text from most recent issues.   Indexed in Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Film Literature Index and The International Index to Film Periodicals.


   Animation Journal    

Animation Journal is published under the auspices of Chapman University's School of Film and Television in Orange, California and edited by Maureen Furness, Ph. D. Animation Journal is the only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to animation history and theory. Its content reflects the diversity of animation's production techniques and national origins. Web site includes abstracts, some full text essays and an alphabetical index to its contents.


The Atlantic Monthly

Politics, society, the arts and culture. This online edition of the Atlantic Monthly includes a fine archive of past issues, many articles available in hypertext.


Bad Subjects

Bad Subjects is a scholarly collection of political, ideological and cultural speculation that reads fresh with every update. Not necessarily about film but certainly about the forces that have shaped how media is presented and understood. Fine searchable Web site, full text articles.  Carnigie Mellon University.


Bright Lights Film Journal

Bright Lights Film Journal is a popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history and commentary looking at classic, commercial and international film from a wide range of vantage points. Published quarterly by Gregory Battle and Gary Morris. Indexed in Film Literature Index, International Index to Film Periodicals and the Media Review Digest. Full text articles available online.



CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews and book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly. This online version is sporadic at best but does link to full text articles. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.  Concordia University


Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture and Media Studies

Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies  is devoted to the critical study of the representation of women in film, popular culture, media, and the arts. The foremost US journal of its kind, it has received critical acclaim for its innovative design and the originality of its contributions to feminist criticism. Hyperlink to recent table of contents and selected articles available online.  Indiana University Press.


Canadian Journal of  Film Studies

Canadian Journal of Film Studies/Revue canadienne d'études cinématographiques is indexed by the Federation Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF) and its published listing, the International Index to Film/Television Periodicals; Film/Literature Index; and Media Review Digest. Index and abstracts of back issues available online.  Film Studies Association of Canada.



Cineaste has been published quarterly since 1967. Indexed in Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Film Literature Index and The International Index to Film Periodicals.


Cinema Journal

Cinema Journal is published quarterly by the University of Texas Press in cooperation with the Society for Cinema Studies. Indexed in Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Film Literature Index and The International Index to Film Periodicals. Link provided to the University of Texas Press, including recent table of contents and abstracts.  Published since 1966.   Available through Project MUSE. (Restricted Access).


Cinema Space

Cinema Space is an electronic journal from the UC Berkeley Film Studies Program devoted to all aspects of Cinema and New Media. Links include; submitted articles "some including multi-media", Film Studies at UCB, Local/ International film studies resources, Copyright Law, UCB Home Page, and the UCB Library.


Critical Inquiry

Critical Inquiry provides a forum for critical exchange and scholarly debate in all areas of the arts and humanities. The essays in CI are aimed at the general reader interested in contemporary cultural issues. Contributors include both established and emerging voices that challenge the status quo, forge into unknown territories, and sometimes even outrage you--but always with the intent to encourage you to think about culture and criticism in extraordinary ways. CI is published quarterly by the University of Chicago Press. Index and abstracts available online.


Critical Writing Online

Queen’s Film Studies Critical Writing On Line is not really an electronic journal. More accurately it is an HTML posting board for recent full length papers by students at the Queen’s University Film Studies program. Full text available, regularly updated.


Directors Guild of America Magazine

The bi-monthly magazine of the Directors Guild of America, DGA Magazine covers current and flash-point issues in the entertainment industry through incisive reporting, informative interviews, thought-provoking feature writing and critical commentary. Online archive of past issues, table of contents, feature articles scanned in HTML.


Film Comment

A forum for smart, idiosyncratic writing about movies, Film Comment, published bimonthly by the Film Society of Lincoln Center has earned a reputation as the finest film magazine in the English language. Feature article and index of past issues available online.


Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies

The Journal Film & History has been in publication for 26 years, exploring how Hollywood and European filmmakers has portrayed history – and reporting the accuracy and inaccuracy of these filmic studies. Online index and selected reviews available.  American Culture Studies Program.


Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture

Truly an online film journal published quarterly by Gary Johnson. Well designed site incorporating video, sound and graphics into hypertext articles. Regular features, film examinations and reviews. Images includes a complete archive of past issues and a fine collection of important links to film related sites all over the Internet.


IRIS: A Journal of Theory on Image and Sound

Iris is a biannual publication that presents current scholarship in film theory and the relation of image to sound. Begun in 1983, Iris devotes each issue to a different aspect of film theory or history. Since 1989, the Spring issue is published in the United States and the Fall issue in France. Index available online.  Film Studies at the University of Iowa.


Journal of Religion and Film

The Journal of Religion and Film examines the description, critique and embodiment of religion in film. Published by the University of Nebraska at Omaha, this electronic Journal includes full text articles, an author index, an index of discussed films and a discussion area that poses questions among authors and readers.


Kinema: A Journal for Film and Audiovisual Media

Kinema is a journal of history, theory, aesthetics of film and Audiovisual media. Published at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. Selected articles available online, back issue index.


Millennium Film Journal

Since 1978 the Millennium Film Journal has published articles about independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema, video, and more recently, works that utiliz cutting-edge technologies. The Web site is designed as a cross-referenced index (1977-1997).


Postmodern Culture

Free from the Project MUSE electronic subscription service, Postmodern Culture contains full text articles, abstracts, reviews and special features dealing with the post modern world and how it has shaped our culture. Extensive links to related readings containing abstracts and bibliographies.  John Hopkins University Press.



Screen is the leading international academic journal in the field of film and television. Published four times a year for over a quarter of a decade the journal charts developments in film, television, and cultural theory in lively and often provocative articles from around the world. Issues also include conference reports, and in-depth reviews of the latest academic publications. Searchable online index including back issue contents and abstracts.  Oxford University Press.


The Silents Majority

The Silents Majority online Journal is dedicated to keeping the art of silent film alive. It is also dedicated to posthumously reactivating the careers of  the great artists of the silent screen. Featuring online articles, index of past issues, Book/video/film reviews, artist/actor birthdays, Quicktime movies, photos, posters and awards.


Strobe: Journal of Film, Television and New Media

Strobe is an electronic journal that provides a forum for critical discourse and discussion of issues on visual culture encompassing film, television and new media. Sorely in need of updating, this site has a lot of potential.  UCLA Department of Film & Television.


Theory & Event

Free from the Project Muse scholarly journal subscription service. Modernist topics encompassing the wide subject area of the Humanities. Theory & Event includes full text articles available online.  John Hopkins University Press.



Variety is the well-known entertainment weekly online edition. News and reviews from all corners of the entertainment world. This Industry standard publication features an effective searchable field for review articles.


The Velvet Light Trap

The Velvet Light Trap is an academic, peer-reviewed journal of film and television studies. The journal is published bi-annually in March and September by the University of Texas Press. Issues are edited alternately by graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Table of contents available from 1994 to present.


Video Eyeball

Video Eyeball is a bi-monthly, nationally distributed magazine that finds the best overlooked and forgotten films available on tape and laserdisc. This online edition provides selections from the print edition, a few full text articles are available.


                        Wide Angle

Wide Angle presents some of today's formost scholarship in film studies and examines a variety of topics ranging from international cinema to the history and aesthetics of film.   Available through Project MUSE. (Restricted Access).


Wide Gauge Film and Video Monthly

Wide Gauge Film and Video Monthly is a newsletter about the creative and technical  aspects of large format and novel motion picture techniques. Published since 1995, online archive of issues, indexed by date, some full text articles available.





American Movie Classics

American Movie Classics is an essential cable station of classic American films. These prints are shown in their entirety and often in letterboxed format. The web site includes a monthly listing, feature articles, previews and a chat room. Movies 24 hours a day.


BBC Movies

The BBC Movies homepage provides current listings of broadcast movies, feature interviews as well as an impressive archive of past celebrity interviews and a cult TV section. Very simple and to the point, easy access to the extensive BBC site.


The Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection has been in the business over 14 years to collect and print the best films from every genre, and country on video. The Criterion Collection exclusively distributes laserdisc and DVD prints that offer the highest technical quality and many award-winning original supplements. This site features an extensive collection of essays, film clips and production notes of each print. Link to Voyager Video.


Facets Video

Facets Multi-Media, located in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 1975 as a nonprofit media arts and performing arts center. Facets’ mission is to provide the public with an extraordinary range of film, video and theater programs that would otherwise never be seen. Over 35,000 titles and growing. Searchable index for purchase or rental.


Movies Unlimited

Established in 1978, this Philadelphia-based company has sold hundreds of thousands of hard to find and rare videotapes all over the world. Annual 760 page catalog is not available online, however this site gives fine examples of what is available as well as links to various video lists such as the AFI 100 and Oscar winners. Movies Unlimited specializes in VHS tape but recently has added DVD titles to its catalog.


Kino Online

Kino Video features the best in silent and world cinema. News and an archive of special guest articles. Video catalog listed alphabetically by series or by country of origin.


Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies, a 24-hour cable network from Turner Broadcasting System Inc. presents the greatest motion pictures of all time from the 1920s – 1980s commercial free. This Web site features a calendar, coming attractions, chat room, as well as monthly press releases. Essential site for classic broadcast film.