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Universal Responsibility and the Environment

Article by the Dalai Lama. See also his 1996 article, Universal Responsibility and Our Global Environment.

Tibbetan Buddhism and the Environment

Excellent set of articles on Buddhist theology about the environment as well as specific issues. From the Dalai Lama's Government of Tibet in Exile web site.

Causation and Telos: The Problem of Buddhist Environmental Ethics

This article and the next two are from the Journal of Buddhist Ethics.

Getting to Grips With Buddhist Environmentalism: A Provisional Typology

The Early Buddhist Tradition and Ecological Ethics

Buddhism and the Environment

From Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Buddhism and the Ecocrisis

From BuddhaZine Magazine.

Buddhism and Green Issues

Buddhist Precepts and the Environment

Forest Wat Wild Monks

Just Being There

Short article on Thai Buddhism.