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Web Sites

General Background and Interfaith Sites

Greening of the Gospel?

A 1996 article in Christianity Today about the growth in Evangelical Christianity's concern for environmental issues.

Evangelical Environmentalism Comes of Age

This 1996 article in Christianity Today calls evangelical environmentalism the "fastest-growing form of Christian ministry."

Evangelical Environmental Network

This evangelical ministry was initiated by World Vision and Evangelicals for Social Action as part of a growing movement among Christians to respond faithfully to the biblical mandate for caring stewardship of God's creation. See, for example, the site's Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation, and articles from issues of the organization's Creation Care Magazine.

Web of Creation

A site designed for people and communities to explore eco-justice issues and advocacy from a faith-based perspective

Eco-Justice Working Group of the National Council of Churches

The National Council of Churches is the primary national expression of the movement for Christian unity in the United States. The NCC's member communions - 35 Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican church bodies - work together on a wide range of activities that further Christian unity, that witness to the faith and that serve people throughout the world. Some 52 million U.S. Christians belong to churches that hold Council membership.


Lifewater Canada is a Christian, non-profit organization of people from across Canada who are bound together by a common desire to ensure that people everywhere have access to adequate supplies of safe water.

Target Earth

An interdenominational organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church, Target Earth is active in 15 countries- buying up endangered lands, protecting people, saving the jaguar, sharing the love of Jesus, feeding the hungry and reforesting ravaged terrain.

Statements and Activities of Specific Denominations

Roman Catholic Perspectives

A large list, so it has its own page.

American Baptist Policy Statement on Ecology

American Baptist Resolution on Individual Lifestyle for Ecological Responsibility

Other resolutions include one on environmental concerns, clean air, global warming, hazardous waste, and on the principles of the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES)

Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota: Environmental Stewardship Commission

A Greek Orthodox View of the Environmental Crisis

Lutheran Earthkeeping Network of the Synods

LENS is a loose network of synod-level committees, task forces, and working groups devoted to the task of earthkeeping within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Look especially at the current projects and proposals.

The Presbyterian Church of Canada: Official Statements on Ecology

Includes "A Theology of Ecology."


Floresta, an organization supported by Presbyterian churches and several companies, was originally developed to meet the environmental, economic and spiritual needs of the rural people of the Dominican Republic. Today it is reaching beyond the Dominican Republic to Haiti and Mexico, and hopes to expand throughout the tropics.