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Gender and the Archaeology of Death

AltaMira Press, 2001

Edited by
Bettina Arnold and Nancy L. Wicker

Bettina Arnold and Nancy L. Wicker

Killing the Female? A Review of Archaeological Narratives of Infanticide  
Eleanor Scott, King Alfred's College, Winchester

Life, Death and the Longhouse: A Gendered View of Oneota Social Organization  
Jodie O'Gorman, Michigan State University

Gender Studies in Chinese Neolithic Archaeology  
Tianlong Jiao, Harvard University

Visible Women Made Invisible -- Varangian Women in Old Russia: An Example of the Influence of Women's Finds on Historical Interpretation  
Anne Stalsberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Evidence from Graves and Runestones for the Position of Iron Age Scandinavian Women  
Anne-Sofie Gräslund, Uppsala University

Gender and Mortuary Analysis: What Can Grave Goods Really Tell Us?  
Barbara Crass, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Sharing the Load: A Study of Gender and Task Division at the Windover Archaeological Site  
Christine Hamlin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Grave Goods Do Not a Gender Make: A Case Study from Singen am Hohentwiel, Germany  
Emily Weglian, University of Minnesota

Decoding the Gender Bias: Inferences of Atlatls in Female Mortuary Contexts  
Dianna Doucette, Harvard University

Warfare and Gender in the Northern Plains: Osteological Evidence of Trauma Reconsidered  
Sandra Hollimon, Sonoma State University

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