Landscape near Dr. Arnold's field excavations in southwestern Germany
Bettina Arnold,   Dept. of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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  Coordinator, Museum Studies Program
Editor, e-Keltoi: Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies

Office Hours
Sabin Hall, Room 229
Phone: (414) 229-4583

Würzburg, Germany

Ph.D., Anthropology, Harvard University
B.A., Archaeology,Yale University

Research Interests
The archaeological interpretation and analysis of complex societies, particularly the transition from chiefdom to state; material culture as a symbolic system and a means of communicating social messages; the role of alcohol and its consumption in establishing and maintaining social relationships in prehistoric and historic societies; the meaning of monuments and their cultural construction; the archaeology of gender; and the history of archaeology, particularly its role in 19th and 20th century political developments in Europe.

Current Projects
Excavation of burial mounds associated with the Heuneburg hillfort in southwestern Germany. The site is located on the Danube, and is part of an archaeological landscape which has been studied intensively since the 19th century. Concurrent analysis of ancient DNA from excavated skeletal material from the tumulus cemeteries in order to reconstruct social organization of the early Iron Age populations which inhabited this area from 600 to 400 B.C.. Photographs of the site and the surrounding landscape are available in the Archaeological Projects section of the Web site.

Selected Publications
2010 The Master of Animals in Old World Iconography. Derek B. Counts and Bettina Arnold (eds). Budapest: Archaeolingua.

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2006 Gender in mortuary ritual. In Sarah M. Nelson (ed.) Reader in Gender Archaeology, pp. 137-170. Walnut Creek: AltaMira.

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2005 Mobile Men, Sedentary Women? Material culture as a marker of regional and supra-regional interaction in early Iron Age southwest Germany. In Halina Dobrzanska, J.V.S. Megaw and Paulina Poleska (eds.) Celts on the Margin: Studies in European Cultural Interaction 7th c. BC - 1st c. AD. Essays in Honor of Zenon Wozniak, pp. 17-26. Krakow: Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of the Sciences.

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1990 The past as propaganda: totalitarian archaeology in Nazi Germany. Antiquity 64(244):464-478.

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