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How should you store all of the information that has been collected over the years? Some people have discovered they have accumulated piles of paper and boxes of information only to be lacking in a systematic system of recording the information.

The one rule to follow is to be systematic and use standardized forms.


There are several styles of forms available for your use. Each cover about the same material. Sources of the forms used here are identified. Most of the general forms are available from your State Historical Society, any local Genealogical Society or online.

Some of the forms included such as the birth, death, and marriage were compiled from reviewing the old records and recording the information which was available. Each county or state record may be slightly different. The blank forms included can be duplicated to get you started. You may develop your own forms as long as you are pleased with them.

I found it a lot less expensive when I carried blank forms with me. That way, considerable savings were made from Certified Copy fees, and I had the essential information.

Be sure to record the document source, location and date obtained.


Cetificates and Forms

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