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The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library have a sizable and long-standing collection of materials on Mormon History. Beginning with the 1899 donation of the William C. Berrian collection, which contained 451 books, 325 pamphlets, 52 volumes of newspapers, and over 500 individual, unbound newspapers, the Library has maintained the collection in Mormon history at a high level. They include histories, biographies, newspapers and other periodicals, government documents, diaries, and letters. Highlights of the collection includes the early editions of the Book of Mormon and one of nine known copies of The Book Of Commandments. The material on Mormon history are supported by an excellent collection of American history.

In addition to these collections, which are housed in General Research Division, the Rare Books and Manuscripts Division possesses a number of related letters, diaries, typescripts, and ephemera. Thirty-seven letters enhance the papers of the Alfred Theodore Schroeder collection and six other letters came to the Library in the scrapbooks of Charles L. Woodward. Various other files not primarily concerned the Mormons may include other "Mormons" correspondence. The most prominent items include correspondence from Joseph Smith, Orson Hyde, Sidney Rigdon, Willard Richards, and one of the diaries of Brigham Young, Jr. Readers wishing to use these materials must apply to Office of Special Collections In Room 316.

Using The Catalogs

Genearal instructions for locating materials are given in Research Guide No.1!, " How To Find Books and Other Materials." The following information is specific to the topic at hand.

The Dictionary Catalog Of The Research Libraries of the New York Public Library contains some 2,000 items relating to Mormon history. The bulk of materials is found under the subject heading Mormons and Mormonism. This heading is broken down into various sub-headings which arranged alphabetically with two exceptions. Firstly, Mormons and Mormonism-Bibliography precedes all other subdivisions. Secondly, the geographical subdivisions come mostly at the end in their own alphabetical sequence. A list of related subjects terms precedes all of these headings. In addition, the Book of Mormons is listed under Mormon, Book of.

In the online catalog, CATNYP, there are two general headings: Mormons Church and Mormons. Both of these have a number of subdivisions, and history is a valid subdivisions for either of these headings. The subject terms used in CATNYP records are listed in the Library Of Congress Subject Headings volumes near the CATNYP terminals in Room 315.

Bibliographies of printed Materials

Genearal Bibliographies

Flake, Chad. Mormon Bibliography, 1830-1930: Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, and Broadsides Relating to the First Century of Mormonism. (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1978). *RS-ZZMD 79-4743 or JFF 79-698. This general bibliography of Mormon related material lists more than 10,000 items and locations where they may be found. Includes some brief annotations. supplemented by Indexes To A Mormon Bibliography and ten year supplement (1992). *RS-ZZMD 92-18704.

Shields, Steven L. The Latter Day Saints Churches: An Annotated Bibliography. (Bibliographies on Sects and Cults in America, vol. 11; Garland Reference Library of Social Sciences, vol. 337) (New York: Garland, 1986). JFD 88-6550. A selective bibliography of materials published since 1930 concerning the different sects in the Mormon Church. Arranged by sect, the entries are annotated and an author index is provided. May be used as a supplement to Flake's Mormon Bibliography, but the user should be cautioned that Shields' work is highly selective.

Serially Published Bibliographies

" Among the Mormons: A Survey of Current Literature," published quarterly in Dialogue ( see Major Periodicals, below). This quarterly publication varies its scope throughout the year. Generally, one issue will deal with books, pamphlets, etc., another will focus on periodical articles, and yet a third will review the dissertations and theses of the year. The fourth may discuss some issues of bibliographical importance or survey the resources of a particular library or archives. These lists generally exclude books published by Deseret Book or Book craft and articles in periodicals published by the Mormon Church.

"Mormon Bibliography," published annually in Brigham Young University Studies ( see Major Periodicals, below). *ZAN-4580. Published annually but irregularly within the year. This column has been edited by a number of individuals, beginning with Ralph Hansen and later Chad Flake and Scott Duvall among others. Entries are alphabetical within broad subject categories.

Mormonia. 1-2 (1972-73). JFK 76-26. A quarterly listing, compiled by Velton Peabody, which is divided into two sections: Books & Pamphlets and Periodicals Articles. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author and include brief descriptive annotations. Includes name and subject.

Specialized Bibliographies

Alexander, Thomas G., and James B. Allen. "The Mormons in the Mountain West: A Selected Bibliography," Arizona and the West 9 (Winter 1967): 365-84. IAA (Arizona and the West). A Representative collection of 67 books and articles on Mormons in the Mountain West. Includes good annotations.

Ashliman, D.L. "Mormonism and the Germans: An Annotated Bibliography, 1848-1966," Brigham Young University Studies 8 (Autumn 1967): 73-94. *ZAN-4580. 228 entries, listed chronologically with annotations.

Bingham, Robert D. "Swedish-Americans in Utah: A Bibliography," The Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly 30 (July 1979): 205-10. IEP (Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly) or *ZAN-H335. An annotated list of 48 selected item (34 in English, 14 in Swedish) in two sections: books and articles. Includes autobiographies, propaganda, travel accounts, and solid historical studies (including some dissertations and theses).

Clement, Russel T. Mormonism in the Pacific: A Bibliography. (Laie, Hawaii: The Institute for Polynesian Studies, 1981). JXE 82-80. Books, pamphlets, selected periodical articles, journals, diaries, and ephemera found in libraries of Brigham Young University- Hawaii Campus, Brigham Young University, and the Historical Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Material included deal with Mormonism in Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia (Oceania). The entries are supplied with brief annotations.

Crawlery Peter. "A Bibliography of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in New York, Ohio, Missouri," BYU Studies 12 (Summer 1972): 465-537. Reprinted as a single item. *ZAN-4580 or *KAB-74-30 for the reprint. Includes 51 items published from 1830 to 1839. Accompanied by very good annotations.

Crawlery Peter, and Chad Flake. Notable Mormon Books, 1830-1857: An Exhibition in Conjunction with the sixth annual Mormons Festival of the Arts. ( Provo, Utah: Friends of the Brigham University Library, 1974). *XM-8852. Lists thirty Mormon imprints. With annotations.

False, Susan L., and Chade Flake. Mormons and Mormonism in U.S. Government Documents: A Bibliography. (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1989). JXE 89-27. This chronically arranged bibliography contains citations to 1,469 U.S. Government Documents. The annotated entries are accompanied by government document classification numbers or symbol representing libraries in which copies are available for research.

Jacobs, L.R. Mormons Non-English Scriptures, Hymnals, & Periodicals, 1830-1986. (Itcha, N.Y.: L.R. Jacobs, 1986). JXF 87-41. This is really six bibliographies, labeled as sections I-III and appendices, labeled A-C. The first three sections include lists of scriptures, hymnals and periodicals. The appendices A: Danish publications of the Church before the 1900; B Swedish publications of the church in before the 1900; and C: alist of the inserts for the Pearl of Great Price published in non- English languages. Good descriptive information and some historical information in the annotations.

Mauss, Armand L., and Jeffrey R. Franks. "Comprehensive Bibliography of Social Science Literature on the Mormons," Review of Religious Research 26 (September 1984): 73-155. K-10 3153. Useful subject bibliography of 500 items in over 50 categories. Includes only published, English-language materials.

Morgan, Dale L. " A bibliography of the Church of Jesus Christ Organized at Green Oak, Pennsylvania, July, 1862." Western Humanities Review 4 (Winter 1949/50): 1-28. Reprinted separately with the same title (s.l.: sn., 1950). *DA or *KAB ( Morgan, Dale Lowell. A Bibliography...) For reprint. This 28-page bibliography of 60 items relating to the William Bickerton movement (Bickertonites) is very useful because of the inclusion of items of which no copy could be located, based on descriptions, citations, and the historical record, as well as for the extensive historical and sometimes bibliographical annotations.

Morgan, Dale L. "Bibliography of the Churches of the Dispersion," Western Humanities Review 7 (Summer 1953): 107-81. Reprinted with same title (s.l.: s.n., 1953). *DA for the original or *C-4 p.v. 468 for the reprint. This bibliography of 82 items includes works no longer extant and is particularly useful for its historical and bibliographical annotations.

Morgan, Dale L. "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, "Western Humanities Review 5 (Winter 1950-51): 31-102. Reprinted with same title ([Salt Lake City}: s.n., 1951). *DA or *KA (Morgan, Dale Lowell. A Bibliography...) For the reprint. Annotated bibliography on the movement founded by James J. Strong (Strangites) covering the years 1846-1950 and consisting of 112 items, This work attempts to record all items, not just those for which Morgan was able to locate a copy. All entries benefit from Morgan's extensive historical and bibliographical annotations.

Schmidt, Jorgen W. En Dansk Mormon bibliografi 1837-1984. ({Lynge]: Moroni, 1984). JXF 85-14. Chronologically arranged bibliography of books and periodicals articles (including newspapers) in Danish Language on Mormon subjects. 2,765 items.

Whittaker, David J. "Mormons and Native Americans: A Historical and Bibliographical Introduction, " Dialogue 18 (Winter 1985): 33-64. *ZAN 4995.

Indexes To Periodical Literature

Index to Periodical of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1- (1961-). Annual with decennial cumulations (1961-70; 71-75; 76-80). Holdings: (1961-1980, 1982, 1984). JXM 73-8. Indexes several English-language periodicals published by the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints.

Index to Mormonism in Periodical Literature. 1-6 (1976-81). Holdings: 1-6 (1976-81). *XL-670. Indexes 21 periodicals published by or primarily concerned with the Mormon Churches as well as 300 additional journals. Made up primarily of popular, as opposed to scholarly, material.

Major Periodicals

Brigham Young University Studies: A Voice of the Community of LDS Scholars. 1- (1959-). Holdings: 1- (1959-present). *Zan-4580. A Standard quarterly, sanctioned by the Mormon Church (of Utah), Dealing with issues of historical and theological interest.

Courage: A Journal of history, Thought and Action. 1- (1970-1973). Holdings 1-3 (1970-72). JFL 75-225. A private, scholarly quarterly issued by a group mostly composed of members of the RLDS Church containing articles and historical and theological interest. Ceased publication in 1973. Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. 1- (1965-). Holdings: 2-13 (1967-1977). JFM 73-144. 14- (1978-present) *ZAN-4945. A private quarterly which has served as a voice for liberal Mormons.

John Whitmer Historical Association Journal. 1- (1981-). Holdings: 13- (1993-present). JFM 94-105. Published annually by association, whose members are generally affiliated with RLDS Church.

Journal Of Mormons History. 1- (1974-). Holdings: 14- (1988-present). JFM 89-118. An annual published by the Mormon History Association.

Utah Historical quarterly. 1- (1928-) Holdings: 1- (1928-). IAA (Utah Historical Quarterly). A scholarly journal with some articles on Mormonism.

Guides To Manuscript Source

The Library's manuscript holdings directly to Mormon history are outlined at the beginning of this guide. The following list will be helpful in locating primarily materials in other institutions. In addition, sources such as the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections should not be overlooked.

Andrus, Hyrum L., and Richard E. Bennett. Mormon Manuscripts to 1846: A Guide to the Holdings of the Harold B. Lee Library. (Provo, Library, Archives & Manuscripts, 1977.) JFF 78-905. Lists "journals, biographies, autobiographies, correspondence, indentures and land deeds, military records and orders, church certificates of ordination and membership and membership, receipts, promissory notes and other financial records... [and] legal documents, such as subpoenas, summonses, and transcripts" which were created before 1846.

Bitten, Davis. Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies. (Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, 1977). JFF 78-525. Describes and provides the locations for 2,984 diaries, journals and autobiographies. The descriptions of the contents accompanying each entry are indexed for easy access to areas of special interest.

Ellsworth, S. George. "A Guide to the Manuscripts in the Bancroft Library Relating to the History of Utah," Utah Historical Quarterly 22 (1954): 197-254. IAA (Utah Historical Quarterly). This is divided into four sections. The first two consist of the materials collected by Hubert Howe Bancroft and are divided into Utah Mss. and "other" classifications. The second two sections comprise the material acquired by the Bancroft Library after 1905 and are similarly divided.

Kimball, Stanley Buchholtz. "Missouri Mormon Manuscripts: Sources in Selected Societies," BYU Studies 14 (Summer 1974): 458-487. *Zan 4580. A selective annotated bibliography of 73 items/ collections for Mormon historical study found in three Missouri institutions: the Missouri Historical Society.

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