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Before you attempt the Internet or the World Wide Web, you should read one or two good references. These Books are available through your local library, or Bookstore and include titles such as:

Sherman, Richard A. (1998), "Mr. Modem's" Internet Guide for Seniors, Sybex Publishers, ISBN 0-7821-2580-8 (Don't let this title fool you.)

Helm, Matthew L, and April Leigh, (1998), Genealogy Online for Dummies, IDG Books, ISBN 0-7645-0377-4

Kaufeld. John and Jenny Kaufeld, (1996), America Online for Dummies, Quick Reference IDG Books, ISBN 1-56884-989-3

Look for the solution to these questions.

How do I get online and how does it work?

What software and search engine is best for me?

What do I look for? How do I find it?

Am I willing to pay a fee for the information or service?

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This list contains many websites which Genealogists will find useful. Many positive comments have been made about them. The list is in no way complete and the addresses may change without notice. In some cases, the person or organization in charge of up dating or maintaining the site will provide a message directly to you. In other cases, you must preform a keyboard search to find the information. I apologize for any errors.
Good luck.

Database dedicated to helping adoptee and willing biological parents find each other.

Website for the American Genealogical Lending Library.

Cindi's List of Genealogical Websites
The most comprehensive listing of genealogical websites available.

Family Search
New research site provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Database contains the following research tools. Ancestral File, International Genealogical Index, Social Security Death Index, Military Death Index (Korea & Vietnam only), Family History Library Catalog.

Family Tree Maker
Both sites serve as excellent sources for beginners and professionals. Genealogists will find references to genealogical help anf guides, world-wide genealogical resources, family/personal genealogical homepages, research techniques, internet guides, maps, and upcoming events.

Social Security Search (Two Sites)
These sites can give you the social security number and last known locality where benefits were sent. Neither database contains information on living people.

Milwaukee PAF Users Group
Genealogy Users Group on software program PAF (Personal Ancesterial File), a free download from LDS.


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