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Variations in Earth’s magnetic field recorded in rocks and sediments have the ability to provide unique information on a wide variety of earth processes, from core to crust and from deep time to the very recent past. Paleomagnetism is the study of these "rock records" of field variations. By characterizing variations in the geomagnetic field, we can exploit these variations to better understand volcanic and other geologic processes, from local to planetary scales.  It is also necessary to understand how reliable our rock records are, so studies that seek to clarify the origin of magnetic remanence in igneous materials are equally important. This work combines standard rock- and paleomagnetic techniques with potential field observations and modeling, as well as techniques in experimental petrology. 


The Paleomagnetic Lab was well represented again at last spring's UW-System Undergraduate Research Symposium by Liz Borucki and Miles Harbury!


American Geophysical Union Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism Section

Institute for Rock Magnetism

Magnetics Information Consortium (MagIC)


Julie Bowles, Assistant Professor

  • Bill Kean, Professor Emeritus
  • Sophie-Charlotte Lappe, Post-Doctoral Researcher
  • Fatimah Abuduwufu, Graduate Student
  • Devin Gerzich, Graduate Student

    • Austin Borgardt, Undergraduate Research Assistant

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    Julie Bowles, Assistant Professor
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee • Department of Geosciences • P.O. Box 413 • Lapaham Hall 366 • Milwaukee, WI 53201 • bowlesj@uwm.edu • 414-229-6110 (phone)

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