1997-1998 - Participants Who Have Completed The Year-long Workshop and Projects


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Key:     Joined Projects will be in REDwith a (J)
             Personally Developed Projects will be in GREEN with a (D


School Teacher (email address) Project
38th St. School Rahman Malik malikrx@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Andrew Douglas Middle School Karen Kahn kahnkr@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Barton Elementary School Carol Stein steincb@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Burdick School Daniel Hennessey hennesdp@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
David Skonecki skonecdr@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Elm Dale School - Greendale Abbe Krissman     edale@execpc.com
Fratney Elementary School Anne Marie Haske HASKEAX@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us Fratney
Germantown High School Kent Korek  -   Kevin Schmid
Greendale Middle School Ed Krissman   krissman@execpc.com
Greenfield Montessori Cynthia Barton cbarton739@aol.com
Paula Holman holmanpk@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Carla Langhus amlarch@worldnet.att.net
Hampton School Vivian Frawley
Jane Spiegel-Hoffer spiegejm@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
J. Ann Walsh-Doud redoud@execpc.com
Hawthorne Elementary School Darrell Smith coalitn@execpc.com or smithdc@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Hi-Mount Community School and MSRT Melissa Ellis IBACHMJ@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Neeskara School Charles Davison davisoncj@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Scott Robertson robertss@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us or neeskara@aol.com
Pulaski High School Dan Soiney soineydg@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us with  Sue Kowalski kowalssr@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
River Trail Elementary School Joan Bach bachjg@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us or jbach@omnifest.uwm.edu
Stuart School Marlys Cole marlcol@aol.com
Eleanor Sellers jamese@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Edward Valent valentec@mail.milwauke.k12.wi.us
Tippecanoe School Denice Niebuhr piesbook@mail.execpc.com
Townsend Street School Lynn Sheanhan sheahalm@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
U.S. Grant Gale Hendrychowski hendryga@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Susan Nowak nowaksm@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Rachelle Folger rld@csd.uwm.edu
Village School Catherine Hnat hnatcg@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Washington High School Kristin Roehr rochrkr@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us


Participants Who Completed the Workshop Components

School Teacher (email address)
Andrew Douglas Middle School Susan Roberts robertse@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Bay View High School Vivienne Weber webervk@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Cass Street School Patrick Manders manderpm@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Fratney Elementary School Rita Tenorio rmmt@aol.com or tenorirm@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Grand Ave. Middle School Karen Green greenka@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Hampton School Katherine Dummer dummerkj@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Honey Creek School Mary Elsner elsnermx@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Jeffrey Milani milanijr@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Melannie Trudeau trudeams@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Cynthia Winget wingetca@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Madison High School Joanne Paccagnella paccagnella@whscdp.whs.edu
McNair Academy Alice Knight knightam@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Milwaukee Education Center James Lewis lewisjm@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Morse Middle School Laura Hellman laura_hellman@wetn.pbs.org
Sarah Scott Middle School Nancy Linn linnnl@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
South Division High School Veronica Wielebski wielebvx@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Walker Middle School Lee Breger bregel@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Washington High School Lisa Frey freylm@mail.milwaukee.k12

Dennis Rashka rashkadl@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Eva Marie Schlicting schlicex@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us