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See photos of Gov. Doyle's visit to our lab!!
Dr. Cook and Gov. Jim Doyle

Christmas 2013 at Wisconsin Club

Christmas 2013 at Wisconsin Club

Christmas 2010 at Wisconsin Club

Celebrating Michael's Job at Harry's,July'10

Graduation Party-2009

Christmas Party At Wisconsin Club - 2008

Cook's Group Photo
Current Group

Dr. Cook at a Saturday group meeting.

Dr.Cook, Xiaohui He and Chunrong Ma at their graduation ceremony.

Ruiyan Liu and Linda Hamaker are presenting their subtype selective ligands and alkaloid total synthesis at a Saturday group meeting.

Qi Huang, Linda Hamaker and Scott V.Ornum are discussing the Pauson-Khand reaction..

Saturday morning group meeting, Dr.Puwen Zhang is discussing alkaloid total synthesis with Dr.Cook.

Qi Huang is showing Dr.Cook and Eric Cox a unified pharmacophore model for benzodiazepines on the Silicon Graphics work station.

The chemistry faculty of UW-Milwaukee at a party for Jose Fripiat (1999)

Dr. Cook with 10L Buchi
Dr. Cook, who has never used this machine, with the HPLC obtained with the help of Dr. John McCall and refurbished by graduate student, Terry Clayton.
Dr. Merle Johnson, Jelena Plasvic, and Dr. Cook
Dr. Merle Johnson showing Jelena Plasvic (undergraduate, McNair Scholar) and Dr. Cook the 10L Buchi obtained with the help of Dr. John McCall.

Jelena Plasvic, Dr. Cook and alkaloid chemist, Annie Wearing, "posing" for this picture!

Old Group Members: