Music 680: Electronics in Performance
Fall 2004
Lecture 5: October 11, 2004

	Steve Reich "Music as a Gradual Process"
	Steve Reich / Pendulum Music
	Gyorgy Ligeti / Poeme Symphonique

Stockhausen / Kontakte (1958-60) for piano, percussion, and four-channel tape

the drive towards complete numerical integration: beyond serialism
	Struktur X (track 45) as the canonical example
	(in part because of the "Concept of Unity" article)

instruments / electronics relationships
        in Kontakte: instruments and electronics imitate and extend one another: otherness
                timbral, pitch, rhythmic connections
                textural and gestural relationships
        in Mikrophonie: integration: processing versus sonic / pitch relationships: togetherness

extraordinary notation!

moment-form continued
        Kontakte's 16 moments are themselves subdivided into sections
        (six as the "magic number" for Kontakte)
        facilitates a much wider array of developmental / variation / narrative possibilities in the form
                reduces the potential for overlap and layering; more linear progression through the form
        [moment IV, moment X, ...]

pulse-train synthesis and Pd implementation (or "arrays, continued")
        for tabosc4~ arrays need to be specific lengths: (power of 2) + 3
                for instance, 515, 1027
        mixing tabwrite (as control, to set and remove pulses) and tabosc4~ (as signal, for output)
        bp~ for bandpass filtering with resonance
                particularly relevant since pulse-trains tend to produce rich spectra
        also needs reverberation (rev3~), and spatialization for a complete reconstruction

adding soundfiler....