Music 680: Electronics in Performance
Fall 2004
Lecture 6: October 18, 2004

	James Pritchett readings on electronic reserve

assignment (due October 25, 2004)
	a short study in which acoustic and electronic materials converge or diverge in some way
	...a response to Kontakte, and another attempt at defining a musical process

Reich Pendulum Music (1968)
Ligeti Poeme Symphonique (1962)

minimalism and provocation: the Dada aspect of Ligeti and the rock'n'roll aspect of Reich
	Reich makes explicit the connection with integral serialism: relationship between form and content
	...and Ligeti was closely allied with the serialists though also one of their most important critics

"Music as a Gradual Process"
	"serial (basically European) music and serial (basically American) art"
	"one doesn't always think of the impersonal and complete control as going together"
	"a particular liberating and impersonal kind of ritual"

algorithm: computational aspects of musical organization (above and beyond sonic organization)

tour of Ligeti realization in Pd
		starting from studies of an actual pyramid metronome
		"complex" metronome design in software
	randomization of initial attack
	wavetable playback	
	phase and delay as spatialization techniques

designing phase patterns in Pd
	paired (or quadrupled) tabplay~ objects
		simplifying from tabosc4~
	paired delays
		flanging... sinusoidally varying delay time + feedback