Music 680: Electronics in Performance
Fall 2004
Lecture 7: October 25, 2004

	John Cage Rozart Mix (1965)
	John D. S. Adams, "Giant Oscillations: the birth of Toneburst"
	Peter Zaparinuk, "David Tudor's Performance Composition"
	John Cage Electronic Music for Piano (1964)

assignment (due November 8, 2004)
	create a brief algorithmic composition using Pd (due November 8)

John Cage Rozart Mix
	an abstraction of the procedure for Williams Mix
		though in both cases specifying process rather than results
		radical collage
	turning tape music into performance art

tour of Cage realization in Pd
	arrays as memory for control data as well as wavetables
	modelling performance process: "tapes breaking"
	...close relative of the Ligeti realization

algorithmic composition
	as a means of handling the "data explosion" in computer music
	techniques for blending stochastic and deterministic algorithms
		linear scaling (0<=n<=1) of the stochastic component of an algorithm