Music 680: Electronics in Performance
Fall 2004
Lecture 11: November 29, 2004

next week: 
	catching up "instruments & tape 2": Saariaho NoaNoa, Murail Desintegrations

Luigi Nono / La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura for violin, eight-channel tape, and electronics (1989)
	collaboration with performers
		here embodied in the presence of Gideon Kremer (and Nono) in the tape part
	forward- and backward- looking elements
		extremely traditional recorded (and processed or unprocessed) violin materials
		vs. uncompromisingly "new" and fragmentary solo part
	improvisational aspects
		tape part: choosing from among the eight channels of material
			(only restrictions: tape runs continuously, play seven or fewwer channels at a time)
			mapping (and varying) tape channels to loudspeakers: 8-by-mono
			(mostly) grouping tape channels into four qualities of material
				1> dense harmonizations
				2> various "extended" playing techniques
				3> speech, "extraneous" noises
				4> high-register, pianissimo, legato
		violin part: tempo control
			variable tempi (mm 30 - 60)
				Mark Menzies' report that even slower tempi are sometimes required to reach 40'-60'
			variable fermatas
			no indication of duration in between the six sections

Jonty Harrison / Klang for CD (1982)
	emphasis on stereo imaging
		front-loading the set-up rather than concentrating on equal distribution
		theatrical effects through mismatched speaker setups
	multitrack as diffusion flexibility rather than final control of spatialization
		not so much improvisation as adaptation to the qualities of a particular hall
	polemical aspects of the article
	qualities of Harrison's music (and acousmatic music more generally) which suit diffusion

	implementing the "sample-and-hold" technique in Lontananza