Music 680: Electronics in Performance
Fall 2004
Lecture 12: December 6, 2004

Tristan Murail / Desintegrations for 17 instruments and tape (1982-3)
	spectral technique: understanding frequency as pitch, and harmony as timbre
		(and the role of spectral analysis in orchestration)
	methods for harmonic process
		modeling synthesis transitions: ring modulation, frequency modulation
		Murail's exponential distortions
		Harvey's additive distortions
		modeling analyzed (evolving) spectra: Murail Esprit de Dunes, Schneller Aqua Vit

Kaija Saariaho / NoaNoa for flute and electronics (1992)
	Saariaho's spectral technique as transitions to/from noise/pitch
	"tape" becomes a more flexible tool: triggering a series of shorter events live
		(via technician, via footpedal... and Dannenberg, IRCAM research into score-following)
		flute samples: creating a meta-instrument
	... also live processing of the flute
		and Miller Puckette's migration of hardware effects processing into software simulation
		(and the performer's role: speaking through the flute as a form of disruption)

pd as spectral sketchpad
	modeling spectra
	modeling various pitch approximations to spectra