Music 680: Special Topics in Music Theory - Electronics in Performance (Fall 2006)
Class 10: November 13, 2006

spectralism as the conflation of timbre and harmony
	timbre as a set of frequencies, with the fundamental typically indicating the perceived pitch
	basics of spectral technique
		frequencies likely to create fusions
			harmonic series
			"stretched" harmonic series
			ring modulation
			frequency modulation (Murail's bell timbres)
		approximating these frequencies with pitch
			quarter-tone approximations typical, but also semitones or even wider approximations
			Fineberg's chart for transforming frequency to pitch
	influences leading up to spectral music
		Messaien, Scelsi, Ligeti, Stockhausen

Tristan Murail Desintegrations (1982-83) for 17 instruments and tape
	highly sectionalized, and then process-oriented inside each section
		typically proceeding from fission to fusion, or vice versa
		or enacting some kind of gradual distortion process upon on an initial (or final) spectrum
	tape is used to "fill in" frequencies which are not convenient to the instrumental resources
		[which is to say, it sounds "empty" on its own terms, but highly integrated in context]
		low-tech method of creating the tape: using Yamaha FM synths as sinewave generators

Jonathan Harvey Tombeau de Messaien (1994) for piano and tape
	with the tape serving as alternate tunings for the piano
		one just-intonation tuning for each chromatic pitch
		though often Harvey is using multiple tunings at the same time
			seeking clash rather than systemic purity
	Messaien as a proto-spectral composer: organ registrated and orchestrated harmony
		(and as the teacher of Murail and Grisey)

Pd as a spectral sketchpad
	modeling and sonifying spectra
	locating and sonifying equal-tempered approximations to spectra
	frequency modulation as a major influence on Murail and Grisey

preview of next week: Nono Omaggio a Gyrgy Kurtag (scores on reserve)

reminder: EAMC concert Thursday, November 16, 2006, 7:30 pm
	includes spectral music - Chris Bailey's Sand

assignment 6: compose a brief work that engages with the issue of spectralism
	either spectra as pitch material, or pitches as spectral material (or both?)
	due in class December 4