Music 680: Special Topics in Music Theory - Electronics in Performance (Fall 2006)
Class 12: November 27, 2006

Kaija Saariaho NoaNoa for flute and electronics (1992)
	Saariaho's spectral technique as transitions to/from noise/pitch
	"tape" becomes a more flexible tool: triggering a series of shorter events live
		(via technician, via footpedal)
		flute samples: creating a meta-instrument
	... also live processing of the flute
		and Miller Puckette's migration of hardware effects processing into software simulation
		(and the performer's role: speaking through the flute as a form of disruption)

Jonathan Berger The Lead Plates of the ROM Press (1990)
	from foot-pedal triggering to score-following
		using (low-quality) pitch tracking against itself
			deliberately idiosyncratic mic placement controls the number of triggers generated
		Dannenberg, IRCAM's research into score-following as iterations of sophistication
			from monophony to polyphony
			tracking multiple possible locations simultaneously for improved error recovery

tools for signal analysis in Pd: fiddle~, env~, bonk~
	storing and recalling gestural representations from arrays
	triggering events at threshold values
      suppressing microvariation
	capturing timing
	moving averages

preview of next week: the present day
	Matthew Burtner / s-morphe-s (2002) [9']
	Eleanor Hovda / Glosses/Glacier (1991) [7']
	Lukas Ligeti / Delta Space (2002) [16']
	Jake Rodriguez / Parsnip Maker (2000) [4']