Music 680 (Spring 2006): Special Topics in Music Theory - Programming for Sound Synthesis
Lecture 02, Wednesday, January 31, 2006

the structure of simple.ins (sine wave oscillator)
	initialization block
		make all the one-time calculations we need
		create all the unit generators we need
	run block
		demonstrate the connections between unit generators
		push samples through those UGs repetitively, rendering output
CLM instruments in use
complicating simple.ins
	envelope structures for amplitude and frequency
demonstrating aliasing with simple.ins
demonstrating additive synthesis with simple.ins
simulating For Ann (Rising) with simple.ins
creating the missing fundamental effect with simple.ins
multiple-oscillator additive synthesis instruments
array structures
control problems in additive synthesis (get a hold of spectr.clm to demonstrate issues)
	UPIC as one solution to this