Church Research Group

Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee   
EMS Building, Room 1175

3200 N. Cramer St.

Materials Science and Engineering touches every corner of our society.  The field is enormously broad but founded on straight-forward principles.  Our goal is to help address society's need for energy through the development of advanced materials and processing methods while training our next generation of engineers.

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Congratulations Dr. Campbell and Dr. Church for receiving the Technology Licensing Award.

Dr. Church and his group hosted two high school students, Marco and Rachel, from St. Thomas More High School for their high school senior service week.

Congratulations to  Dr. Church for  receiving the "Student Success Award Fall 2013".

"U Wisconsin-Milwaukee researchers develop wrench to save gas workers from injury:" article published by Tech Transfer eNews Blog regarding  Dr. Campbell, Dr. Church, Patrick Dix, et. al. wrench research. 

"UWM researchers throw a new wrench into the system" article" article was published in the Business section of Milwaukee Journal mentioning the research and development of a wrench intended to reduce gas-meter technicians’ injuries designed by Dr. Campbell,  Dr. Church, Patrick Dix

The Church group welcomes Wyatt Hereford.


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