Two Jewish Calendars

From this page you can reach a parallel Jewish/Gregorian Calendar for any year beginning with the Jewish Year 1. It should be noted that the Gregorian Calendar was not in use prior to the sixteenth century, and was adopted at different times in different countries. In the informational material you can see how to convert to a Julian date. It is uncertain when the calculated Jewish calendar came into regular use, so dates before the seventh century C.E. should be taken as approximate, since the Jewish calendar was formerly determined by direct observation, declaring a new month when the crescent appeared, and a leap year when it became apparent that spring had not yet arrived.

The Parasha Calendar enables you to determine the synagogal scriptural reading of the week for any regular Sabbath of the year.

The Jewish/Civil Calendar Program

Use of this program with the Opera and Chrome Browsers is not recommended. If you have difficulties, type in:

A Perpetual Parasha Calendar

Before using this calendar, you should ascertain the Hebrew date in the year for which you are looking. Use the calendar above for this purpose. Then procede with

Explanatory material, and a link to guide those who use the triennial cycle are also included.

Alan D. Corré