sum, box (for money.) yklc lkwwaj+ dy +aHw elyh. He will pay the sums incumbent upon him. [SLE 76b] wye+lw kwwaj+ qwmplyzan$. And he will give him sums as a gift [SLE 126a] (The word only occurs in this Arabic-style broken plural.)
See caxon.
large carriage. arkb acwl+an fy wwaHd lqrwca. The king rode in a carriage. [SLE 66a]
drawer (here="confinement"). yHa+w flqa$wn wyHaddw taHdyda mlyHa. He will put him in confinement, and impose upon him a severe penalty. (ModSp=cajon)
Cohen (p. 425) cites the word qger (the g has a circumflex), noting that the r is a variant of n.
complementary, as a gift. wye+lw kwwaG+ qwmplyzan$. And they will give him sums as a gift. [SLE 126a]
ready [SLE cash]. wxlcthwm Drahym qwn+an+ wxrj rajlha mn lHbas. And she paid them ready cash, and brought out her husband from prison. [SLE 77b]
account. yzydwhwm flqwn+ acdyqym. They will add them (the wicked man's good deeds) to the account of the righteous.[SLE 141a]
reliability. aHna nas dlqwmfyyanc wxayyfyn alah. We are reliable men, and fear God. [SLE 103b]
acquaintance. yemlw lqwnycans mea dwk· lmrqan+yya. Let them make the acquaintance of those merchants. [SLE 126b]
advice. weml meahwm qwnsyl ba$ ym$yw. And he gave them advice to go. [SLE 13b]
satisfied. wxrj qwntan+ meahwm. And he went out satisfied with them. [SLE 92b]
against. wwqfw qwn+ra ly$ral. They stood up against Israel. [SLE 88a] (The following Arabic preposition l suggests that contra would be followed by Romance a.
feast, party. wemllhwm wwaHd lqwmby+y kbyr lnas bladw. [SLE 13b] And he made a big party for the people of his town. waeml qwmby+y kbyr. And he made a big party. [SLE 104a. Also, 92b, 109a, 110a and passim.]
to agree. wfy dak· lwwqt qwrdar mea balw ba$ yktb bryya lynyH. [SLE 130b] And at that time he determined with himself to write a letter to Yaniah.
qwrdarw ba$ ytbtw elyhwm a$r+ dyyalw. They agreed to establish his agreement over them.[SLE 51B]
wqwrdar ba$ ym$y. And he agreed to go. [SLE 10a]
wqwrdarw meah fy had arayy And they agreed with him in that opinion.[SLE 27a]
yqwdar mew ba$ ym$y. He will agree with him to go.[SLE 8a]
courage. had leabd ykwn endw qwraj kbyr. This servant has great courage. [SLE 55a]
necktie. welyha yHrz rwHw ben adm fy rba+ lgrava+a. Therefore a man should be careful in tying the necktie. [SLE 17a]
creditor. yDmn elyya llqryyancy. He will be a guarantor for me against the creditors. [SLE 75b]
credit. wrajly kan ybye wy$ry kyf anas dy kan endw qrydy mcxw+. My husband was buying and selling like men who have open credit. [SLE 76b] Note absence of t in crédit, suggesting ModFr, also singular on endw.
wayda blqrydy. And if on credit... [SLE 149b]
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