in agreement. mtl ma bqa daqwrdw meah. As he stayed in agreement with him. [SLE 70a]
to decide. wfy dyk· alyla dysydar acwl+an. And in that night the sultan decided. [SLE 156a]
wdysydar mea balw ba$ yrsl lbryya meaha. And he decided within himself to send the letter with him. [SLE 131a]
Details. wsygwrw ytro kan endw ady+ayy dyyalhwm. And Jethro certainly had the details. [SLE 90a]
See dimision.
diamond. md yydw ba$ yrfd dyyaman+a. He put out his hand to take the diamond. [SLE 25a]
njybu gmra dnar wdyyamn+a. We shall bring a burning coal and a diamond. [SLE 25a]
ayda n$wfwh rfd adyyamn+a. If we see that he takes the diamond.. [SLE 25a]
wbleat dyk· a$a$yya bdyyaman+a di fyha. And swallowed that sheshiya (hat) with the diamond which was in it. [SLE 116b]
(In ModSp diamante.)
See ferencia
resignation. wktblhwm m$h rbynw adymysywn dyyalw. And our master Moses wrote to them his resignation. [SLE 31a]
e+a dymysywn dyyalw. He gave his resignation. [SLE 31a]
(It is possible that this is the Oc word démission rather than the Sp word.)
bedroom. wdxlwhwm ldymy+yryyw dyyalhwm wwHdhwm. And they brought them into the bedroom together. [SLE 109a]
H+a dxl ldymy+yryyw. Until he entered the bedroom. [SLE 122b]
(Possibly popular etymology connects this with Sp. dimitir, or it may be contaminated by the word cimenterio. ModSp dormitorio.)
discourse, sermon. +lae arb dlblad ltbh wwae+ahwm wwaHd adysqwr bdbry mwsr. The rabbi of the city went up to the reading desk, and gave them a sermon on matters of admonitions. [SLE 156a] The absence of the final s suggests that this is ModFr.
double. wktbw kwwaj+ Dwbly. [SLE 155a]
See dimiterio.
dowry. ye+y fdo+a dyyalha wwaHd lblad. He will give over a certain city in her dowry. [SLE 35b] ModSp dote.
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