mistake, defect. lfal+a dy kan eml abrhm abynw. The mistake which our Father Abraham had made. [SLE 89b]
$af endha baed alfal+at. He saw some faults in her.[SLE 89b] (Arabic plural.)
to fail, stumble, be lacking. wbalak yfaltt+ar fy had a$y. And let him not fail in this matter. [SLE 3a]
ydwmw fy dyk· lxdma wma yfaltarw$. They will continue in this service and not be lacking. [SLE 15a]
ma yfaltar Hta klma. Nothing shall be lacking. [SLE 81a]
family. Hyn yqaDy asdr yqrah llfamylyya dyyalw. When he finishes the Passover service, he shall read it to his family. [SLE 8a]
wxrj ycHq mgrr mea lfamylyya dyyalw. And Isaac went out from Gerar with his family. [SLE 20b] Very frequent.
account. b+an+w flmyya rywH el lfatwra dyyalha. With such-and-such a percentage of profit on its account. [SLE 92b]
armchair. whwwa y$wf wwaHd lbnt qaeda fy wwahd lfu+wyy ddhab. And he saw a girl sitting in a golden armchair. [SLE 108a]
favor. w+lb mnw fabwr. And he asked a favor of him. [SLE 55a]
Gyr wwaHd lfabor temlhwly. You will do me just one favor [SLE 42b]
difference. twwryna lfyrynsyya byn lxwwan bHal emlq...wbyn ytrw. [The Torah] shows us the difference between brothers such as Amalek, and Jethro. [SLE 82a]
a$ mn fyrynsya byny lbynw.
What difference is there between me and him? [SLE 154B] The absence of the first syllable may be due to identifying it with the Arabic -- or Italian/Spanish -- particle di. Cohen (p. 440) quotes this word only in the full form deferensia. He declares that in Algiers it is used solely by Jews.
feast. kan freh eml fys+a kbyra. Pharoah made a great feast.[SLE 36a]
wwaHd lfys+a kbyra. A certain great feast. [SLE 152a]
see festa
see fixar
fine, magnificent. alprwt almlaH walGarwcat alfynw. Good fruits and fine vegetables. Note lack of concord. There is an Arabic definite article however. [SLE 6a]
ye+y lbntw wwaHd lxdyma fynw. He will give his daughter a fine servant-girl. [SLE 35b] Note lack of concord.
qrars finw. magnificent carriages. [SLE 150a] Note lack of concord.
to fix. rana fysarna ba$ fnhar lfwlany ynjmew. Lo, we have established that they shall assemble on such-and-such a day. [SLE 153B]
See also fixar.
to fix. nhar dy kanw fykcarw dljmwe. The day which they had fixed for the assembly. [SLE 153B]
flmwmyn+w brwHw dy fyksarlhwm. In the very moment which he had fixed for them.
See also fisar.
structure. wjabw lma blqwwadm mn fwrma fwq dyk lGn+ra. And they brought the water in the forward parts of the structture over that bridge. [SLE 10b]
strength. wyxarj lyhwd blfwrsa elykum. And he will bring the Jews with strength against you. [SLE 20a]
wyakd hadwk lwwlad fwrsa ba$ yqtlhwm. And he will take these children forcibly in order to kill them. [SLE 23a]
wma bqa$ fyh fwrca ba$ yrkb ktr. And there was no strength left in him to ride any more. [SLE 32a]
to force. c+aHq acwl+an yfwrcarw Hta +lq dak· leabd dyyalw wHarrw. The king had to force him, so that he released that slave and freed him. [SLE 55b]
ma kan$ mn yfwrcark. There was noone to force you. [SLE 125a]
yfwrcar elyh. He will force him. [SLE 150a]
franc. ye+ylw kwl waHd frnk·. Each one would give him a franc. [SLG 134]
See forza
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