decree. Hyn smae emrm blgazy+a dy eml preh. When Amram heard the decree which Pharaoh made. [SLE 22a]
information. weml gazy+as fy ayqlym macr. And he issued information in the region of Egypt. [SLE 21b] Plural of above item.
pipe. wpynHs blgayy+at fyydw. And Phineas with pipes in his hand. [SLE 131a]
the galleys. rslhwm lgalyra. And he sent them to the galleys. [SLE 36b]
degree. $af ruHw rahw fy gradw kbyr. He saw himself as being in a high degree. [SLE 9b]
guard -- also collective. w$af wwardyya awHra wwaqfa mn daxl. And he saw another guard standing inside. [SLE 48b] wHyn $afwh m$h wahrn m$Gwl fy dewwt lwwardyya. And when Moses and Aaron saw that he was occupied with the summoning of the guard.. [SLE 36b]
guards. wlwwardyyas azwj xlawwhwm. And he allowed the two guards. [SLE 49a] Plural of above.
1. good mood. kan almlk· flgws+w. The king was in a good mood. [SLE 149b]
2. desire. wayda ma endq$y gwstw byhwm. And if you do not have pleasure in them.. [SLE 21a] endq$y is thus spelled.
kwl w$rb waeml gwstwk·. Eat and drink, and do your pleasure. [SLE 133b] Note Arabic personal suffix affixed to Spanish noun.
ayda endk· gws+w ba$ tsmaHlhwm. If you have the desire to forgive them. [SLE 151a]
Very frequent. Cohen declares that ida `andek gusto "s'il te plaît" is peculiar to Jews, but Muslims use the word in other senses.
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