to slander. dayym ytml$nw flyhwd. They would constantly slander the Jews. [SLE 152a] This verb is derived from the Hebrew ml$yn 'slanderer', but is an early loan into Spanish.
to break (one's word). ba$ ma ymankarw$ lplabra meakwm. So that they will not break their word with you. [SLE 126a]
type, way. wyeml Hwayj mn had almanyra. And he will do things of that type.
ayda b"m yclyha bhda lmanyra. If, God forbid, he prays it in this way. [SLE 45b] b"m = Aramaic bar minan, far from us.
mantel, mantelo
cloth, cover, often of the one used to cover the holy scrolls. Hram ymsHw blmndyl. It is forbidden to wipe it with the cloth. [SLE 17b] ylwwy ela yydw a+lyt dyyalw awwla mndylw. He should cover his hand with his prayer shawl or with the cloth. [SLE 80a] This word is old in Western Arabic.
marshal. wmat lmary''$al dlmHala. And the marshal of the place died. [SLE 13a] kl wwaHd fyhwm yjyb wwaHd lmary$al. Each one of them will bring a marshal. [SLE 59a] wyxrjw hadyk· azwj dlmary$al lwwc+ lplaca. And these two marshals will go out to the center of the plaza. [SLE 59a]
merchant. lm"hdd lwwaHd lmyrqan+y kbyr. What does the matter resemble? A certain great merchant.. [SLE 92b] lm"hdd is an abbreviation for Hebrew lmh hdbr dwmh.
merchants (collective.) $y mrqan+yya dy hwman fy mdwn bead. Some merchants who are in distant cities. [SLE 126a]
lmrqan+yya dl blad. The merchants of the city [SLE 153a]
wmn kwtrt dy kan mlywnyr kbyr dxltw algawt. On account of the fact that he was a big millionnaire, pride entered into him. [SLE 4b] gawt is a Hebrew word with an Arabic prefix. whayydak· car flmwmyn+w brwHw. And this occurred at the very moment. [SLE 153B]
see mundo.
world. ma kan$y mzyyana mtlha fy jmye lmwndw. There was no one as good as she in the whole world. [SLE 29b]
music. wmwzyqa tdrb ela kl +bae. And there were all kinds of music. [SLE 109a]
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