word. ma ybdl$ bn adam lpalabra dyyalw lcaHbw. A man should not change his word to his friend. [SLE 101a] ma ymankarw$ lplabra meakwm. They should not break their word with them. [SLE 126a]
priest. kan fyhwm wwaHd alpapaz. There was among them a certain priest. (ModGk.)
part. wHayyd lpar+y dyyalw mn Gyr ma f++n caHbw. And he put aside his part without telling his friend. [SLE 93b]
parts. lewlm mqcwma ltlata dlpar+ys. The world is divided into three parts. [SLE 73b] ewlm is Hebrew.
to take a local walk or ride. wkan ytpacyyar fyhwm. And he was taking a ride in them. [SLE 150a]
tpasyyrna fy dak· ljnan. We walked in that park. [SLE 5b]
ytpacyyarw jmye fljnayyn. They will all take a walk in the garden. [SLE 6a] The reflexive Arabic fifth measure represents the reflexive of the original Spanish.
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permit. wqbD arb azwlay e''h lprmys mn yydha. And Rabbi Azulay [SLE on him be peace] took the permit from her hand. [SLE 42a] Note enunciation of final consonant of permis.
pharmacist. He wrote down for them a medicine which they would get from the pharmacist in a note. [SLE 69b]
paintings. zwwq Darw...blpyn+wra ela kl +bae. He decorated his house with paintings of all descriptions. [SLE 68a]
favor. jyt n+lt mnkwm wwaHd lplyzyr. I have come to seek a favor from you. [SLE 106b]
square, plaza. wemllhwm wwaHd lqwmby+y...fy wws+ lplaca. He made a party for them in the center of the square. [SLE 13b]
possible, that which one can do. lwkan emlt lpwsybly dyyalk wxrjtny mn had lHabs. Would that you might do all you can, and get me out of this prison. [SLE 76a] Very frequent.
post, mail. wcar acwl+an fy kl pw$ta yktb brawwat. The king began to write letters by every post. [SLE 65b]
precise, exact. fsaea lflanya prysyz. At such-and-such a precise hour (at such-and-such a time precisely.) [SLE 153B] (Although the Modern French word précise is frequently associated with heure, this is probably the Occitan masculine with voicing, and invariant as usual.)
first. hwwa kan lprymr d$hwrat. It was the first of the months. [SLE 61b]
proof. wnjybwlk prwba kbyra lklamna. And we shall bring you a strong proof for our words. [SLE 36b]
to make clear. hwman prwbarw wcHHw wwayyn lHbala dlHan$ hyya tlt snyn. They made clear and verified that the gestation period of the snake is three years. [SLE 47b] yprobar ayda mratw mazala dyyna awwla la. He will clarify whether his wife is religious or not. [SLE 100b]
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