distraint. wyaemlhum asyzy. And he carries out a distraint on them. [SLE 150b]
hall. wkanw b' +ablat dlga$y fy cala wwaHda. And there were two guest tables in a hall. [SLE 60a] This is an old word in Western Arabic.
salade, salada
salad. had a$lada dy Ha+ytlna bla ma Ha+ytlna lHam m$wwy. This salad which you served us without serving us roasted meat. [SLE 60b] May be Oc. with the final vowel pronounced, or Spanish with omission of the initial en-. Cp. R. Joseph Caro, who renders empanadas as pnad$ in his Shulhan `Arukh, seventeenth century.
salmon. In Dict., quoted by Coh p. 413
certain, certainly. kwnw sygwrw bly rana Dena mn adwnyya. Be sure that we have perished from the world. [SLE 12b] tkwnw sygwrw aly lbyr ykwn endkwm ahna flblad. You may be sure that you will have a well here in the city. [SLE 51a] wsygwrw wwayyn had a$y mn sbt emayylna lqbaH. And this thing is surely on account of our evil deeds. [SLE 3a] Very frequent. Note invariability of this form.
señor, sr.
sir. n+qt Hnh wqaltlw sy' ma Hslt jyt lendk· lywm Gyr Hta wwcltny askyn llaeDm. Hannah spoke up and said to him: Sir! I came to you today only when for me the knife had reached to the bone. [SLE 87b]
ntq wqllha snywra ela$ $qyt lywm lendy. He spoke up and said: Madam why have you come to me today? [SLE 83b] said: Madam, why have you visited me today? [SLE 87b]
señores, srs.
gentlemen. wn+q arby wqallhwm sy'. And the Rabbi spoke up and said to them: Gentlemen! [SLE 106b] Plural of sr. Note that in Judeo-Arabic rby is pronounced ribbi or rebbi, probably to keep it separate from the Arabic divine name rabbi.
service. ana HaDr lsrbys dyyalk·. I am at your service. [SLE 54b] wana HaDr lsrb'ys dyyalk·. And I am at your service. [SLE 76b]
to serve, to wait on. wysrby a+wwabl. And he will wait on the tables. [SLE 60a] wjabhw lhad bn adam wsrbylhwm a+wwabl. And they brought a certain man, and he waited on the tables. [SLE 60a]
see esnoga
soldier. tmn myyat alp $wldad. 800,000 soldiers. [SLE 12b]
see suma.
see espacio
sr., srs.
see señor and señores.
immediately. swby+w rahy tbra. Immediately she will get well. [SLE 10a] wswby+w tbewh whab+w meah lspynh blkbwd. And immediately they went after him and went down with him to the ship in honor. [SLE 51b] The word always means "immediately" and not "suddenly" as in Sp. Very frequent.
Cohen (p.441) declares that this word, which he translates de suite, is unknown to Muslim Arabic in Algiers. Listed in Dict as soubito.
sum. wwHd aswma bkl eam weam. A certain sum every year. [SLE 84b]
see esnoga
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