table, tabla
table. wwaHda Ha+halhwm fy wwaHd a+abla. He placed one for them at one table. [SLE 60a] ytealm ykwn +bax wysyrby a+wwabl dleras wGyrhum. He will learn to be a butcher, and will wait on the tables for bridegrooms, etc. [SLE 60a] wkanw b' +tblat dlga$y. And there were two guest tables. [SLE 60a] Note the expression wysyrby a+wwabl = Fr. servir les tables, where the verb has an Arabic prefix, and the noun is an Arabic broken plural. The noun also occurs with an Arabic sound plural.
drum. wfysae +lq bryH flplaca b+nbwr wGyrw. And then he caused a proclamation to be heard in the square with drums etc. [SLE 131a]
see above item.
such-and-such. y$ry jmye aslea dy fy dak· lmrkb b+an+w flmyya rywwH. He will buy all the merchandise in the ship with such-and-such a percentage of profit. [SLE 92b]
see tenpo.
time. had altympw almswwd. This dark time. [SLG 2]
wHyn ywwcl al+mpw. And when the time arrives. [SLE 150a]
+ynpw dy styn ywm. A time of sixty days. [SLE 153a]
mn bead +ynpw qlyl. After a short time. [SLE 41b] Very frequent. The single y implies that the vowel was not a dipthong, as in ModSp. The n is always used.
see tenpo. The form with the diphthong never occurs.
to touch, to punish. w+akar flkbwd dy mlk mlky hmlkym hqb'h. And it touched the honor of the Supreme King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He. [SLE 91a] rahw +akarha baed lmnfea mn hadk lfranq. He punished her on account of the use of that franc. [SLE 101b]
at ease. tqdrw tkwnw +rankyl. You can be at ease. [SLE 132a]
1. to treat. sygwrw aly adnyya lkl ttbew wy+ra+arwh kyf alwh H"w. It is certain that the whole world will follow him and treat him like a god (God forbid!). [SLE 156a] H&34;w is an abbreviation for the Hebrew expression Hs w$lwm. alwh is also Hebrew.
2. to do business. mnyyn kanw y+ra+arw meah fyha. When they were doing business with him in respect of that [diamond.]
troop. qam jmae +rwpa kbyra. He arose and gathered a large troop. [SLE 9a]
See tropa.
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