Dialogue 2 from Dictionnaire de la langue franque

The following dialogue is transcribed in the orthography of the author. Note that he follows the convention of French in writing u as ou. I give the translation in English rather than in French. The British Library has a copy of this rare work, and there is a xerox of this in the library of Southern Illinois University.

bon dgiorno Signor.			    Good day sir.
commé ti star?				    How are you?
mi star bonou, é ti.			    I am well. And you?
mi star contento mirar per ti.		    I am happy to see you.
gratzia.				    Thank you.
mi poudir servir per ti per qoualké cosa?   Can I serve you something?
mouchou gratzia.			    Thank you very much.
ti dar una cadiera al Signor.		    Give a chair to the 
non bisogna. mi star bene acoussi.	    There is no need. I am
					       fine like this.
commé star il fratello di ti?		    How is your brother?
star mouchou bonou.			    He is very well.
E il padré de ti commé star?	  	    And how is your father?
non star bouonou.			    He is not well.
cosa tenir.				    What is the matter with him?
tenir febra.				    He has a fever.
dispiacher mouchou per mi.		    I am very sorry.
molto temp ti non mirato Signor M.?	    Have you not seen Mr. M for
						a long time?
mi mirato iéri.			    	    I saw him yesterday.
star bouona genti.			    He is a good man.
quando ti mirar per ellou, saloutar	    When you see him, greet him
moucho per la parté de me.		    warmly from me.
Adios amigo.				    Goodbye, friend.

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Alan D. Corré