Roberta Corrigan, Professor

Linguistics and Educational Psychology 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI  53211


Roberta Corrigan joined the Department of Educational Psychology in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in August, 1977. Her academic background includes a Psychology B.A. (1971) from Oberlin College and an M.A. (1973) and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (1976; University of Denver, Colorado). She was jointly appointed to the Department of Linguistics, College of Letters and Science in 2010. Her research examines the foundations of literacy, language and cognition in late infancy and early childhood. She uses language as a window to examine basic cognitive processes, particularly how language processing in young children is similar to or different from that of adults. Her recent work focuses on the role of the linguistic input in language learning. She has published the results of her research in numerous journals and is co-editor of four books. Links to her publications are available under publications.




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