David A Rasmussen, NWQB 7515, (414) 254-5933, Email: dave@uwm.edu Office hours: roughly 9-5 monday through friday.

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I work in the Account Administration group of the Helpdesk,of University Information Technology Services at UW - Milwaukee, located in Bolton Hall computer lab room 225, formerly known as the Campus Solutions Center.

I started here as a unix systems programmer writing programs for SX1100 on our Sperry 1100 and the new Motorola 68000 based csd1. Spent a fair amount of time writing programs for our alpha cluster which we finally retired last year, with computer wizards and good friends I'll never forget like John Dobnick and Brooks Smith.

I now manage access for people and so forth through my ties with the student run helpdesk and primarily work with colleagues Bruno Wolff III and Joe Pascoe

If you are looking at my page because you're a unix wizard wannabe, take a look at the Loginataka.

If you have questions about computing that you think you'd ask me about, I'd like to urge you instead to send mail to help@uwm.edu because someone else of the helpdesk may have a better answer sooner than waiting for me, or I may answer it anyway. But you'll get better service this way.

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