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Behavior analysis offers a very general way of understanding the behavior of organisms and I find all facets of behavior analysis valuable. However, because the path from developing software to applying software is quite direct; it's the path I've chosen for myself and my students.  

All of our projects address learning; here are some current projects:

  1. We have developed software that implements an incremented repeated acquisition of chains procedure.  This procedure assesses learning at the level of the single person. The procedure can help people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders decide whether they should use medication. 
  2. Student writing is often incohesive and inconcise. Our software gives students much practice and immediate feedback on whether their editing is producing cohesion and concision. Students practice until they achieve high levels of accurate and rapid responding. We have been examining whether such practice generalizes over time and texts. 
  3. We spend millions of dollars and hours attempting to teach students foreign languages but only a small percentage of our students become fluent. Our language software will help students fluently conjugate Spanish verbs and inflect German adjectives. Again, students practice until they achieve high levels of accurate and rapid responding.  
  4. Many students want to enhance their English vocabularies. Our software will provide students with practice at: recognizing English morphemes derived from Latin and Greek and specifying their meanings. For example, the word "apotheosis" has these morphemes "apo- = off, from, away" and "theos = god"; and the word "peninsula" has these morphemes "pen = almost" and "insula = island." Students practice until they achieve high levels of accurate and rapid responding. 

We expect our fluency-based software to produce unforgettable performances that will: generalize over time and place and combine to provide novel and valuable performances.   

To discover more about our general approach, which combines fluency training and Precision Teaching, explore the links available at the Fluency Factory.

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Keywords: CBT, computer-based training, educational software, fluency, Precision Teaching, empirically-validated instruction