SPRING, 2001


Class Meetings:  TR 12:30-1:45                           

                            BOL B52                                    

Instructor:            Donald E. Green                       

Office:                  706 Bolton Hall                                               

Office Hours:       11:00-12:00 TR  or by appointment             

Phone:                 229-4259       




TA:                  Amanda Hill

Office:             721 Bolton Hall

Office Hours:  TR 2:00-3:30 or by appointment

Phone:            229-4026



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The Course:  This class will provide an analysis of crime as an institution, and will focus in varying degrees on the behavior of those who define, engage in, or become the victims of criminal behavior.


Class Attendance:  Attendance in this course is strongly encouraged.  Attendance affords the student the opportunity to ask questions and introduce ideas in the classroom setting.  You also should be aware that some material covered in class may not be included in the required readings for the course.


Examinations:  The course will include four multiple choice examinations.  These examinations will cover material from the required readings, lectures, and class discussions.  Please note the specific dates for these examinations so that you will be prepared to examinations on those days. 


Make_up Examinations:  Make up examinations will be given only with prior approval by the instructor.  Excused absences will require documentation from those parties who are able to account for your failure take the examinations at the regularly scheduled time.


Class Grades:  Students' grades will be based on total points accumulated during the semester from four examinations.  Distribution of final grades will depend on overall class performance.  The breakdown of points in the class are as follows:


                               Exam 1         50

                               Exam 2         50  

                               Exam 3         50

                               Exam 4         50

                               Total Points 200


Grades will be distributed according to the following ranges:


                           94-100 %    A 

                           90-93  %     A-

                           87-89  %     B+

                           84-86  %     B

                           80-83  %     B-

                           77-79  %     C+

                           74-76  %     C

                           70-73  %     C-

                           67-69  %     D+

                           64-66  %     D

                           60-63  %     D-

                             0-59  %     F

Please Note:  Distribution of final grades will be based on the highest point total for the class.  There will be no extra credit opportunities and no deviation from the above breakdowns.





1.  Criminology:  Theories, Patterns and Typologies.  Larry J. Siegel.  Wadsworth/Thompson Learning.  Belmont, CA (2001).






Section 1:  Concepts of Crime, Law and Criminology




Jan. 22,24/Crime and Criminology/Ch 1


Jan. 29,31/Criminal Law and Its Processes/Ch 2


Feb. 5,7/The Nature and Extent of Crime/Ch 3


Feb. 12,14/Victims and Victimization/Ch 4


Feb. 19/First Examination



Section 2: Theories of Crime Causation




Feb. 21,26/Choice Theory/ Ch 5


Feb. 28, Mar. 5/Trait Theory/Ch 6


Mar. 7, 12/Social Structure Theories/ Ch 7                                                  


Mar. 14/Second Examination


Mar. 17-22/Spring Break


Mar. 26, 28/ Social Process Theories/Ch 8


Apr. 2/Conflict Theory/Ch 9


Apr. 4,9/Integrated Theories:  Latent Trait and Developmental/Ch 10


Apr. 11/Third Examination



Section 3:  Crime Typologies




Apr. 16,18/Violent Crime/Ch 11


Apr. 23/Property Crimes/Ch 12


Apr. 25, 30/White Collar Crimes/Ch 13


May 2, 7/Public Order Crimes/Ch 14


May 9/Fourth Examination


May 13, 12:30-2:30/Final Examination



If you require any special accommodations in order to meet the requirements of this course, please contact the Instructor or the Teaching Assistant as soon as possible.