You're the Tour Guide






. Your Task

This is what your company has requested you to do:

Make a pamphlet that tells a visitor to Milwaukee what they will see on your tour. You will use Word to create your pamphlet.

Below you will find the details of what will be in the pamphlet.

In the pamphlet, you must include:

  • where the visitors will start and end the tour
  • what attractions they will see
  • a description of the attraction, and what kinds of things they will see
  • and the cost to each tourist

Here's the tricky part. You need to figure out the schedule for the tour.

  • How long will the people be able to stay in one place?
  • How long for lunch? Where will be the best place for lunch?
  • How long is the travel time between sites? (Remember to provide enough time for everyone to see the sites with out feeling rushed. You may select at least 2 sites and no more than 4 sites.

Your company has only tours that last 6 hours. You must plan, the visits, travel and lunch within the 6 hour limit.


Estimate how much the tour will cost your company so they can decide on a fee to change the customers. Figure out gas costs, (Dj can give you the basic info) entrance fees, etc.

Dj will provide a chart as to what your tourist package will cost. with in the green or yellow pricing. (see chart). If it is in the orange, red or blue ranges you will need to go back an reconfigure your tourist package.


Good Luck!!