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All Electric Home of 1940

The Milwaukee Sentential's Feminine Fair
All Electric Home of 1940

Theses first three pictures show the architect's drawings and the final structure.

The Feminine Fair All-Electric-Home, was won by the Griefenhagen family in 1940. It remained with the family until 2002, when I purchased it from the last surviving member of the family, Kenneth. He was 2 1/2 when his family moved into the house, December 1940.
The original house was built with the latest of materials and conveniences that money and technology would allow at the time. It had a dishwasher (called an "Electric Sink"), circuit breakers, an oil forced air furnace (not coal boiler) and a new material that did not come onto the common market until many years later.. material was called "dry wall." The house was constructed in seven weeks. Dry wall help to speed up the process because the builders didn't need to wait for the many layers of plaster to dry.

This is a picture of the house in the mid to later 40's.

The original cupola on the garage.

This ia a picture of the cupola which was removed from the garage when it was re-roofed in the late 1990's. The weather vane of Reddy Kilowatt, seen here on the right, was on the original cupola.

I have restored the cupola on the garage. I have also been granted premission to restore the Reddy Kilowatt weather vane! Reddy will soon be back on the house where he belongs!


The orignial weather vane.


 2005 Pictures of the Backyard ... "A Summer Place"

The new grape arbor was just finished in June 2004. The finishing touches have been placed on it this spring, 2005.  It is a great place to sit for morning coffee and look at the morning glories on the garage trellis. This spring I also tore off the old porch, (not an original part of the house) and reconstructed the patio which would have been there in the 1940's.

This is the back yard after I completely cleared the backyard
July 2004


Arbor completed and decorated
May 2005

Arbor completed and decorated
May 2005
(second view)

The new patio - May 2005

Even the garden shed got a slight make-over.

June 2005
This was the look of the south garden early this summer. Notice that the grape vine is not visable.


September 2005
The grapes have really taken over the arbor and by next year I will be cutting them back to keep them from invading the rest of the gardens. There were four bunches of grapes this year, but the rbbits got to them before I did!

The First harvest of the Candance Red grapes made a nice pot full. They are sweet and so delicious! Trying to decide.... Grape Jam or Wine...hummm!


This year I have Pears all over the tree and plums bending the branches to the ground! It looks like a good harvest this year.