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Research Interests

  • Computational mathematics and numerical analysis
  • Mathematical biology and computational chemistry
  • High performance scientific computing

Particular Research Interests

  • Finite element, finite difference, multigrid, domain decomposition, iterative Krylov, and parallel methods for solving linear and nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs)
  • Nonlocal electrostatic continuum models for protein in ionic solvent
  • Optimal control of PDEs and variational methods with applications in electrostatic free energy minimization subject to ionic size effects and electrostatic continuum models
  • Numerical optimization methods with applications in biomolecular potential energy minimization and chemical database analysis
  • Free energy calculation with application in ion channel study and rational drug design
  • Blood-tissue transport and metabolism modeling
  • Stiff ordinary differential equation solvers
  • Molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics
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