Structural Geology in Southeastern Wisconsin??? YES!

Southeastern Wisconsin is covered by flat-lying Paleozoic rocks. However, there are many fractures within these rocks that generate interest.

Jody and a fracture that extends across the whole quarry near Lannon, WI.

Jody points out offsetting fault sets in the quarry. Next picture is a close-up view.

Fault surface with horizontal slickenlines (along pencil). The sense of movement (horizontal) inferred from these slickenlines is in contrast to the apparent offset (vertical) of horizontal fractures.

Bonnie and Jody measure fractures around the old quarry in Harrington Beach State Park located north of Port Washington, WI.

If you get tired of wielding the Brunton compass to make measurements, you can always enjoy the sites and sounds of the Lake Michigan surf at Harrington Beach State Park.

More Lake Michigan surf at Harrington Beach State Park.

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